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Apple vs Samsung
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Posted 3/6/15

evilotakuneko wrote:

rizelmine17 wrote:

I did a poor job at communicating what I mean, I apologize. I did not imply you did not read the OP, I'm trying to reach other people who didn't when I said that. Anyways, allow me to try again and further the conversation. How large of an impact do you think having the latest technology has on the success of a cellphone product?

Now that's a different thing altogether and you could get as many answers as people who bother to answer it.

I would say it's fairly important but not entirely a deal-breaker for a phone. Let me walk you through my reasoning.

First, Apple. As mentioned above, the Cult of Apple will buy Apple, period. Android fans have long made fun of iOS for lagging behind (the iphone 6 was greeted with "welcome to 2012" from droid users after all, citing features "new" to the iphone that had been present in many 'droid phones for years). To the Apple user, it didn't matter: it was an iphone, and iphones cater to their wants and needs.

Second, it depends on just which technology is or isn't the latest. You can bet, if Apple released the iPhone 7 tomorrow, but it only supported EDGE and GPRS (what would've been called "2G" if we were calling things that back then), not even the Cult of Apple would buy it. Radios are important! However, if it lacked say, 802.11ac/N wifi capability (ok, I know the current model does, but anyway), the Cult would certainly be more forgiving.

Actually, I think it bears mentioning: the iPhone 6's CPU is slower than even my three year old Samsung phone. And it has the same amount of RAM. (of course, as they say on Top Gear, these specs are meaningless, all that really matters is how fast it goes 'round our track--or how fast it feels to the user, in this case)

Third, there are the niche markets, containing people like myself who want a gorram physical keyboard. Apple will never cater to us and it seems nor will Samsung, Nokia, or HTC. We have to put up with older and older phones as the last vestiges of manual entry disappear. I've been eyeing up Blackberry, who recently introduced the Blackberry Classic, updating their classic design with new technology, for this very reason.

Finally, there's the large swathe of folks who just want a freakin' phone, but don't want to spend a lot of money. The only way such people end up with iphones is through carrier-subsidized deals, otherwise they end up on mid/low-end androids, designed to cater specifically to tightwads. These people don't care at all, and they're the reason there are so gorram many androids out there.

And most of them suck. There's a reason you've probably never heard of the "Samsung Galaxy Victory."

TEAL DEER: It depends, maaaan.

Very interesting points, in your opinion than, do you think apple having or exceeding the technology of samsung phones would help push the industry forward technologically? or do you think it wouldn't matter because users and app developers move forward with technology at their own pace?

Do you think Apple is holding back the mobile industry technologically?
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Posted 3/6/15
I'm a turncoat. I say Samsung because expandable storage and ease of transfer to PCs.
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