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Posted 5/4/15 , edited 5/4/15
My definition of the word friend is someone you get along with and talk to every now and then and maybe even sometimes hang out. I have like 2-3 friends. I don't mind though because I'd rather have a dollar than a hundred pennies. I don't really pity people who don't have any friends. I mean it sucks that they don't have that kind of connection to a person but heyyy least they don't have to put up with BS. Because when human beings are involved there'll always be some sort of drama, considering we all have different opinions and feeling.

Now a best friend is someone you can tell everything to and not have to worry about them spilling it to anyone else and it's someone who is always there for you no matter what time of the day, etc. A best friend is someone you can go without seeing for a few weeks but still have that special sort of connection. ya feel?
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Bent Reality
Posted 5/4/15 , edited 5/4/15
Hmm let me look it up in my dictionary.
Hmmm that's weird. it's blank.
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