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Posted 3/5/15 , edited 3/6/15
Here you can either ask for or offer Pokemon for ones that you are looking for. Choose one of two formats for your post:

General Form:

(Two lists, one of the pokemon you want and one for pokemon you are offering)

Game Using:
Asking For:

Game Using: Pokemon OmegaRuby
Asking For: Hitmonlee
Offering: Hitmonchan / Tyrogue

Specific Form:

Game Using: ________
Asking for ________ for __________.

Game Using: Pokemon OmegaRuby
Asking for Hitmonlee for Hitmonchan.

1) NO shiny pokemon in this post, please go here
2) NO hacked/cheated Pokemon
3) NO unfair offers; your post may be edited or deleted
4) NO other specifications in the initial post which must remain clear. You may quote if someone replies to offer more details or switch to PM
5) Once receiving the Pokemon you have been looking for, please edit your post to say RECEIVED or ask a Mod to do this for you
6) You are responsible for your own trades; we cannot help you much further than finding someone willing to trade with you!
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