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Posted 3/5/15 , edited 3/6/15
There are two forms for offering item trades; one for general and one for more specific trades. You can list multiple items though please do this by editing your first post.

General Trade Form:

Game Used:
Attached to: (Specific pokemon or anything)
Looking for:

Game Used: Pokemon AlphaSapphire
Offering: Sun Stone / Old Amber
Attached to: Zigzagoon
Looking for: Moon Stone / Claw Fossil / Helix Fossil

Specific Trade Form:

Game Used: ________
Offering _____ for ________.
Attached to: (Pokemon sent with the item or anything)

Game Used: Pokemon AlphaSapphire
Offering Sun Stone for Moon Stone.

1) Do NOT attach items to Pokemon who will evolve when you trade it with it unless this was specified before trading e.g. do not trade Slowpoke with a King's Rock unless this was specified by the recipient)
2) Edit your initial post once receiving the item to say RECEIVED or ask a Mod to do this for you (unless you want another)
3) No hacked/cheated items/Pokemon
4) Do not offer unfair trades in your own favour
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