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Posted 3/5/15 , edited 3/6/15
all of the student's and teachers eat together, play nice everyone
Posted 3/8/15 , edited 3/8/15
I walk into the Cafetiera, looking for some friends to talk to. But there wasn't anyone here. I waited for a few more mins until someone finally showed up.
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Posted 7/30/15 , edited 7/30/15
Chris runs into the Cafeteria hall and let's go of Cassiel and May's hands and let's out a little "wow" in surprise to seeing the massive cafeteria "this place looks amazing" Chris said as a smile grew onto his face "hey i wonder what food theyre serving?" Chris turn's to Cassiel and May "should we get something to eat before we head off to our dorms? i mean we do have to eat right?" Chris asked completely unsure if they had to eat or not
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