looking for info about NewS (Live concert video)
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Posted 3/5/15 , edited 3/6/15

I'm looking for a video. Live concert.
With NewS
But so hard to look for NewS. I just get BBC news, etc.

All I know. remember.

That it was broadcast on SVT a Swedish television channel.
Around 2006 - 2007.
It was about two Swedish song writing which somehow be linked with NewS.
Or something collaboration with some Japanese music.

I am looking for the song they ended up with.
I just remember that I thought it was incredibly good.
But I never thought it would be this hard to get hold of just a single song.
But I'll never stop looking until I find it.

A little I remember from the program.
In one scene so they bathed. (The two Swedish song writers)

They got to meet Band just before the concert.
They had bought masks that represented the band.
The concert would (inaugurate the new stadium ? (?) ) Played on a large Arena which I think may have been called something with ... Dome ...

I've tried contacting SVT.
But get the answer that they can not go back very far to find a program.
And they do not know I'm talking about ...

So if there is anyone who truly can News.
So write to me ..

Sorry for my incredible bad English.
I blame Google if something is wrong ...
(There's probably a lot wrong)

Shall end by saying.
Although I do not understand a single Japanese word, I am big fan of the News.
And SAO ..
And always dreamed to go to Japan.
(mostly for visiting Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto)
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