Delta Plane Skids Off Runway, Could have endangered 131 people...
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Posted 3/5/15
Recently a Delta Airlines flight nearly skid into icy cold waters in New York's LaGuardia Airport (stopped by a gate)

Since the runway at LaGuardia i smaller than the typical runway (7,000 feet), there is a procedure that pilots need to follow when landing at the airport.

I find it unsurprising that Delta was the airline responsible for the incident considering they are said to be one of the worst airlines in America with a cringing 1.2 Stars according to (I mean, really?)

So, why do you think Delta is still exists? Do you take Delta? If yes, have you experienced any problems during a flight?

Here is an image of the plane (sorry for bad quality)...

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Posted 3/5/15
LOL Someone hates Delta.

I'm impartial. As long as the plane doesn't fall out of the sky and has decent leg room.
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Posted 3/5/15 , edited 3/5/15
Did you know: Delta has not had a fatal crash since 1996.

By comparison, American Airlines has had a much worse safety record

My most recent flight was a couple of years ago on American.
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Posted 3/5/15
well it was an accident

point fingers all ya want but these things unfortunately happen, especially in bad weather like that. Fortunately nobody was hurt.
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