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The True Main Character of Fairy Tail
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Posted 3/9/15

sandpunk wrote:

xxJing wrote:

It unfortunately is Natsu.

If I could pick a pain character for Fairy Tail, I'd pick Mystogan. I think it would have been interesting with him as the MC. But, it's Natsu.

I don't really like Natsu... Natsu is like Luffy if Luffy was less goofy and even more "NAKAMA!!!" Not only is he the most one dimensional character in the show, but also the most one dimensional shonen protag ever.

YES I'm glad I'm not the only one who think Natsu is one dimensional and can never really like him. Im in love with Erza I wish they would do a alternate world with just Erza getting into trouble. Lucy is the weakest character. Does she ever do anything right. She always gets captured. Fuck.. now I'm mad. better look at Erza to calm me down....1...2....3..breath breath ok I'm good

It's funny because Haru from Rave was a decently deep and entertaining protagonist.

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Posted 3/9/15
it's sort of like... a bard, telling a hero's story... lucy being the bard and natsu being the hero of her story.
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Posted 1/21/17
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