Ghost In The Shell Arise : Alternative Architecture
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Posted 3/7/15
I am a big fan of the Ghost In The Shell franchise, and when i heard that Production I.G. were making a new TV series and Movie, i naturally was very excited, where i am still hyped for the movie, i'm not so hyped for "Ghost In The Shell Arise : Alternative Architecture" as it is just a TV Edit of the 4 OVA's that were released previously.

Is G.I.T.S : AAA actually going to be worth watching if you have already seen the Arise OVA's ? In my opinion, No.

As i already have seen the OVA's i'm not sure what new things this can bring to the table, as both trailers i've seen show scenes from the OVA's, the only thing that's keeping me interested are the two episodes that are to set up the movie in the summer.

What are everyones thought's on this ? Are you looking forward to it or no ?
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Posted 3/7/15
Sorry for the close, looks like there's already a thread on this subject over at - please join in the discussion there, though!
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