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Posted 3/7/15
See i don't know about the rest of you guys and girls out there but when i go on steam i usually stick to one game till i complete it or get bored of it, for example, i started playing the binding of isaac (original) and got uber close to completing it like 1 hp bit off her health then bam dead, then i bought FF13-1 and went onto play that instead because why not its final fantasy and i haven't completed a FF game before yeah i love it and all but i needed a really good MMORPG to play so i looked and looked and came down to AION yeah its a badass game until you get bored of it around lvl 25-50 maybe, depending if your not into the whole running around doing quests and stuff, most i do now being a lvl 17 is put my cooking skill up, its wayyyy higher than my player skill thats for sure lol
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