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(This is Kevin x OC). A new girl named Melanie came back from California to move back in her hometown called "Cul-de-Sac" known as Peach Creek she was here before all the Cul-de-Sac were born. She met Sarah when she saw Sarah very small. Everyone as a Cul-de-Sac and the Eds doesn't know that Melanie isn't a new girl in town. Melanie always babysit Sarah when she was a baby and always. Melanie usually call Sarah as Sara instead. Melanie was 14 years old when she babysit to Sarah. But what happen nexts if Sarah remembers her babysitter when she was a very little? Will Sarah and Melanie meet again? What happens if Sarah remembers everything when she was being taken care by the babysitter that always sang lulaby to her and plays piano to her. What happens if the Cul-de-Sac kids meet the new girl?


✪ Melanie
✪ Chapter One
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NAME: Melanie

NICKNAMES: Snowy, Mel, Lani (Sarah), Prodigy Pianist

AGE: 16

GENDER: Female

GRADE: 7th Grade (skipped grade)

MOVED IN?: Los Angeles, California

HOMETOWN: Peach Creek

FAMILY: Unamed Mother, Unamed Father, Nicky (Sister), Unamed Aunt

HOBBIES: Dancing, Playing Piano, Singing, Computers

PERSONALITY: Funny, Cute, Shy, Playful, Cruelty, Cunning

JOBS: Babysitting Sarah (formerly), Prodigy Pianist

FRIENDS: Sarah, Jimmy, Nazz, Kevin, Rolf, Ed, Eddy, and Edd

ENEMIES: The Kanker Sisters, Eddy's Brother, Urban Rangers, Rolf (formerly)

FUTURE CAREER: Pianist & Popstar


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Chapter One

Melanie arrived in Cul-de-Sac alone since her parents passed away she started to live by herself she even have her own savings thanks to her relatives aunt for paying for her school intution every year and colleges. She arrived in her home where she left everything inside and she place her drums in the garage with her sports car inside. She been travelling from California to Korean lately she knows how to do chores and cooking asian culture foods. She got out of her car and parked inside and she notice some kids looking at her shocked. "Hey guys theres a new girl in our block!" A blonde girl with baggy pants shouted at her friends. Melanie went to closed her garage and she went to open the window on her bedroom and set remove her parents room and turn it as her dance practice room. Her Aunt and her uncle pays for her school, colleges, and her home in peach creek which they don't mind since they are rich just like her. As for the girl with orange hair she look at her neighbors window and she was shocked to see her babysitter. Oh my god! I can't believe its Lani! The one who took care of me while my parents are out. Before my brother Ed was born. Sarah thought happily. Sarah which door that she use to enter when Melanie left. The living room has changed into like this, Sarah went upstairs and seeing Lani's parents room it has been changed into dance room. She even checked the kitchen, music room, Melanie's room, game room where they use to teach her how to be fun, computer room where she work on her studying and other stuffs, theatre room, outdoor pool, indoor pool, guest rooms, and the kitchen.

Sarah was completely shocked. "Sara is that you? What are you doing in my house?" Melanie asked. "I came to greet you~! Lani~! Where are your parents?" She asked. "Passed away." Sarah felt bad for asking that. "I was thinking if I can invite my friends for a pool party?" Sarah asked. "Of course. They will have to bring there own towels. My bedroom is off limits so is my computer room is also off limits." Melanie said in her conditions. Sarah agreed to it.

3rd POV
Sarah went to her friends and decided a pool party in the new girl's home. They cheered except for the Eds. "Apparently the new girl doesn't want the Eds." The Cul-de-Sac nodded. They went to the new girls house they gasped what inside. Now where is Lani? Sarah thought. "Where's the pool? Sarah?" Nazz asked. Sarah showed them the indoor pool. "Where's the bathroom?" Kevin asked. While Melanie is changing. "Should be upstairs." Kevin nodded and went upstairs he notice a light on his right side. Kevin look at the keyhole and saw a sexy hot girl changing he was getting nosebleeds. The new girl spotted him he frozed. "Come in." He started to sweat. And opened on the door and saw no girl and felt relief until he was in pinned on the bed. "Who the hell are you?" The girl hissed. Her body was pressing on him and making him horny so what he did he pressed his hands onto her breast which made her moan. Kevin flipped her over and kisses her body. He fucked her hard. Since her room is sound proof.

Somewhere in the indoor pool, The kids decided to go back home and as for Sarah she wrote a note that she is going back home. "Hey where's Kevin?" Rolf asked. "He probably went home early." Jimmy said happily. They didn't know that Kevin was having sex with the new girl. Both of them got themselve a hickey. Man I'm the luckiest man to get her virgin. I guess everyone left. I guess I can sleep here with her but in the morning i gotta leave. He reminded himself.
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