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The + Vampire+ Alice
Gakuen Alice Fanfic ~ Natsume Hyuuga Love Story

Sayuri Kamazaki she was born as a pureblood vampire just like her parents but they are living with their relatives and she lives with Mikan's grandpa since he knows that she is a vampire. She drinks out of human blood and animal blood. She isn't use to eating human food. She goes hunting as a disguise so no police won't arrest her. One day she enrolled in Gakuen Alice with Mikan with her speed ability. Then Sayuri thought of pretending to have an aliced called "Vampire Alice" just to keep her identity a secret.

~( Natsume Hyuuga Love Story )~

  • Chapter One
  • Chapter Two
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    Chapter One

    Sayuri and Hotaru was just leaving school for Gakuen Alice. Sayuri was just talking to Hotaru. "You take care of Mikan for me. Since we both know your a vampire. And I won't tell a soul about you. Just lie that you have an alice alright." Hotaru told Sayuri. Sayuri nodded and Hotaru asked her something, "How come your not affected with sunlight or get stabbed in a stake?" Hotaru asked. "Well my mother made me an amulet necklace to keep myself from the sunlight and it also heals when I get stabbed. Here I'll show what it really looks like. My mother taught me how to make it before I turn someone into a rookie vampire." Sayuri said softly. She took out her necklace and show it to Hotaru. "You might want to stay back cause I had a feeling is Mikan is coming." Hotaru said to Sayuri. "I know she will be right here in 2 seconds." Sayuri answered and took few steps back away from Hotaru's inventions. Mikan wanted to be friends with Sayuri and Hotaru since Sayuri is very mysterious girl. But Hotaru found out she was a vampire when she walking back home she saw Sayuri drinking out of a man in the alley. Hotaru kept her secrets to her since Mikan always blurt out her secrets. Hotaru sighted Mikan and notice Sayuri went back for hunting.

    With Sayuri she went to the alley again and grabbed a little boy and licked his neck and bites it she can hear his whines. When she is done she bit her arm and let the boy drink it. "Drink my blood so your body can heal." She could feel the boy nodded shakingly. Sayuri jump over the wall fence and back to school and saw Mikan being swapped by Hotaru's invention. As for the boy who woke up feeling sore he felt two holes on his neck he wipe the blood and went home. Meanwhile with Hotaru and Mikan's moments, Sayuri cleared her throat to get their attention which it works. "Ah! Sayu-chan your back! Wait why are you cover with blood? Don't tell me you got hurt!" Mikan cried in worry look. Sayuri just giggles. "No Silly. It doesn't hurt. Stop being a worry puss." Hotaru chuckles at that nickname. "Anyway I have to go I will see you guys later someday... Mikan watch over Sayu's feedings its getting out of hand." Mikan understand and nodded and patted at Sayu on the head which made her growls which made Mikan yelped. "She hates that patting on her head." Hotaru snickers and waved byes to them. Hotaru notice Sayu sad look. Ever since her parents left to live with their relatives for Sayu protection from being hunted by Vampire Hunters she has to stay and live with Mikan and her grandpa.

    Six months later, a postcard has finally arrives. Jii-chan said, "Hotaru has become a rather lazy girl..." He sighed leaving Sayu giggling. "Did she say something about bringing watermelons?" Sayuri asked. Jii-chan nodded yes. "I'll go cut some before she gets a bit cranky." Sayuri said and stands up and went to the kitchen to cut some watermelons for Hotaru. Instead of cutting them she carved them into her creations she loves to do it with watermelons. Sayuri decided to stay and help Jii-chan while Mikan went to school. "Look Jii-chan I maded a carved flowers for Hota-chan~!" Sayuri carried the carved flower with a basket. Jii-chan was so proud. "You remind of your mother she loves to do that when her friends become very lazy. If Mikan ever leave this place make sure to follow her and keep that watermelon in a safe place so no one will steal it. "Alright Grandpa." Sayuri said. As she help him lay down and put water and tea next to his pillow and saw Mikan putting the letter once she got up she face on Sayuri which made her jumped. "Grandpa wants me to go with you since I already carved a watermelons for her. Don't worry I put it somewhere safe where no thief can get it." Sayuri said happily. Mikan smiled. Sayuri followed Mikan to the train station. Sayuri told the guard its for a friend's birthday and he allows it. Few hours ago in Mikan's Grandpa's house, "My two granddaughters has run away from home! Mikan took my private savings.. But as for Sayu-chan she gave me 500 million yens! Wait 500 MILLON YENS!" Jii-chan paused and shouted he saw the money on his tray it says from Sayuri. The others jaw dropped. "I've been seeing Sayuri taking jobs. That's all I heard from the stores." That explains it. Jii-chan thought.

    When Mikan came out of the train station with Sayuri following behind. "I think its best if I run I don't like taxi cab." Sayuri blurted. "Alright." Mikan said. Mikan grabbed a hold on Sayuri and a present to Hotaru as she started to speed up and landed on the huge gate says Gakuen Alice. Sayuri hold the present tight and started to hiss people trying to touch it. That's when Mikan started to talk to strangers. Sayuri just growls at them. "Hey you two girls! What are you two doing here by yourself?" Two unknown males said to Sayuri and Mikan. Sayuri sense someone is not far from here. This when the gay teacher comes in, while he is sitting down on the ground eating an apple. Uh-oh... found two innocent lambs and two hyenas. They ust be one of those shady guys who trick innocent children into enrolling at some shady school and ripping them off. Gay teacher thought. While the boy with cat mask sat on the top of the tall tree on near the fence wall. The boy notice a two girls one is holding some kind of watermelon probably Imai's request. He started to eavesdropped before blowing up the wall. "Mikan can you be a dear and hold the present for Hotaru." The girl with light pink hair and red eyes said. "Okay Sayu-chan." Noisy pig tails said.

    The Gay teacher saw the girl giving the present to the first lamb and notice the girl wasn't with the young girl with pig tails with unexcepted visit the girl is right behind them her eyes glow red as her fangs cames out and bite their necks harder. Two males shouted in pain. When she done feeding she snapped their necks and glared darkly at them. Oh my that girl is scary much scarier than Natsume. I had a hunch she has vampire alice but what is her race though it keeps saying unknown. The Gay teacher thought. Hmm this girl is very interesting. The cat boy thought. "You should also go home now~!" The gay teacher said with flirty smiled which made the other girl pure disgust look. "How stupid are you Mikan?" Sayuri sighed and slammed her fist on the wall with a massive crack. The gay teacher gulped in fear. "Sayu-chan you have to pay for that!" Mikan cried. "Don't you get it! He has that stupid alice of his using on a female to make them go away. puhlease like that will happen to me." Sayuri spat venomly. How did this girl know! The gay teacher thought freaking out. Until Sayuri sense a bombing coming soon so she took few steps away make that 14 yards away from them. She can see Mikan flewing on the other directions.

    "Hey Mikan and Sayuri! That boy his name is Natsume Hyuuga. He's the academy's youngest but most talented student of all." The gay teacher said. "His natural born power is fire." Sayuri just rolled her eyes and gently swipe some dirt off her present and pour some powderly special cream to make it sweeten. She saw that poor boy being whip by a growing bean that this gay guy just did until Mikan went up to him and the gay teacher stepped on the boy's hand. She knew that boy is trying to use his alice. Until she saw the gay teacher kissed the boy. Sayuri started making gagging noises. "Well Mikan-chan and Sayu-chan, it's time, we should go!" Mikan helped Sayu with Hotaru's present. That's when the gate open widely. "Come in and welcome to Alice Academy, Mikan Sakura and Sayuri Kamazaki! Who's present is that?" The gay teacher said. "Oh its for Hotaru she said she wanted watermelons so Sayu decided to carve them into flowers for her." Mikan said happily. "She done this for a while. The only thing she can make flowers with is strawberries and whip cream.
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    Chapter Two
    Narumi led two girls and the present on the table to the teacher lounge. Sayuri sat at the comfy chair with an arm chair and put it the present there and sat next to it. "Well Sayu-chan and Mikan-chan, you can sit where ever you like. Please wait here with him for a while. I have to go report to my superiors regarding your two enrollment." As Narumi left and Mikan did something as for Sayuri she took a piece from her backpack and ate strawberries. She is very calmed girl and notice someone just slammed the door when she was day dreaming about her parents. Somewhere in the Principal's office, "Yes I found her and the other girl who has vampire alice." Narumi said. "Vampire Alice you say those are really rare the alice shape its life-spanning. Make this girl in Dangerous Ability and be sure to give her the special star as well. You are dismissed." Narumi nodded and took the two girls elementary uniforms.

    "Oi you the girl with a watermelon present." The girl glared darkly at him which made him froze stiffed. "Do you know your alice is?" The girl nodded yes. "It's Vampire Alice. Of course no ones knows that I am Pureblood Vampire. Those stupid humans thinks of me a weakling stupid human child." The girl spat darkly at him which made him shudder. "Then how old are you in your vampire age?" Misaki gulped. "110 years." The girl said munching on her strawberries. "Oh! I forgot to ask what Mr. Narumi's 'Alice' is!" Mikan shouted. "His Alice is, Phermonal Inclination." Misaki said. Mikan gave her a stupid look. "He said, 'His Alice is Human Pheromone.' Oi Teacher say it in easy way this stupid baka over there fails all her test yet she doesn't know what Inclination mean!" Yikes no wonder Narumi get bad vibes from this vampire girl. Misaki thought. "Oi I can read your thoughts! Yes vampires has those abilities!" Sayuri shouted. For a few minutes the boy went in front of Sayu. "Oi." The girl look up with deadpanned look at the boy who just woke up. "Who are you? Answer me in 5 seconds. If you don't I'll steal your strawberries." The boy said while eyeing the strawberries in the bag in her hand.

    "It's Sayuri Kamazaki. Here you can have it." Sayuri shrugged and grabbed her present for Hotaru and gave the bag of strawberries to the boy who started to munc them. The window crash or should I say shatter into pieces and reveals to be another boy with blonde hair and blue eyes. "You're late, Ruka." The boy said still munching on the strawberries. "Geez Natsume? Whose fault do you that is," Ruka guy said as he spotted Sayuri holding a watermelon present carved with flowers and made out of basket watermelons and the girl. "What are you eating?" Ruka guy said. "Strawberries from that girl over there." Natsume said. "Do they have an alice?" Ruka asked. "No clue." Natsume said looking at the girl she just tilted her head which made him blush the first time making Sayuri giggle. "Stop gawking me. Don't you two have other things to do. The idiot teachers is coming soon." Sayuri grabbed her present unknown to her, Natsume saw her undergarments. Mikan saw it and covered her eyes. "Sayuri-chan you forgot to wear you know!" Sayuri started to blush and glared at those boys who was getting nosebleed. "YOU PERVERTS!" Sayuri and slapped both of them and took out the spare and put them on. As Narumi and Misaki came back to the lounge and saw two boys with slapped marks on their face.
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