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Preconceived Notions
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Posted 3/10/15 , edited 3/10/15

mordant221 wrote:

Some dude just made a thread here about his opinions on average people. If you check it out, it's full of preconceived notions of how illogical average people are. Ironically, his lack of awareness has led him to believe that he himself is not one of those average people, like most of us. Best way to know if you are an average shnub? Ask yourself if kids centuries from now will be reading about you in their history books, no? Then guess what, you are an average person, just like the billions before you who weren't important enough for people to remember.

your usage of average doesnt quite take his ASD into account though

he would be "average" if the average person was on the autistic spectrum, a regular shmuck sure, but when you fit in a group that consists of less than 0.1 percent of the population calling him average sort of devalues the word.
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