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S ᴜ ᴍ ᴍ ᴀ ʀ ʏ

This all happens in Los Angeles, California. A young 19 year old girl named Yumi Sakura survival from the walkers that she calls zombies as but she comes from Tokyo, Japan with her family. Apparently when the acolypse zombies has just begun her family didn't make it out of the house on time so it was just only Yumi with her swords that she always carries and some survival canned foods and first aid kit. She is an excellent tracker. But what happens if she meets with Justin Bieber and the others.

P ᴀ ɪ ʀ ɪ ɴ ɢ s

++++++ MAIN - Justin Bieber // Yumi Sakura (OC)

++++++ CHARACTERS - Selena Gomez, Niall Horan, Justin Bieber, Giselle Smith (OC), Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Nicki Minaj, Andrew Wang (OC), Melody Chang (OC)

C ᴏ ɴ ᴛ ᴇ ɴ ᴛ s


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● P R O L O G U E

++++++ "How are we going to get out of this place? There's no place to run. Its full with walkers." Yumi said to her new group yet she wasn't the leader of the group it was both boys namely Justin Bieber and Niall Horan. It is only 1:43pm so they started to find a place to stay all together. Yumi finally found new buddies to make friends with. She understands English just a little bit but she speaks Japanese very clearly.

Somehow Yumi isn't a big fan of Selena Gomez she is more like a Belieber fan. She does loves One Direction, Demi Lovato, and Ariana Grande. She is so lucky to survival and stayed with her favorite singers. Yumi feel really bad for those girls who didn't make it on time. As for Yumi she found a big building to stay over its an apartment a brand new one. She uses her binoculars to check if theres anyone inside and there are only three people on the third floor. Yumi went to Niall and told him, "I found a place to stay its that new apartment over there." She said. "Great work. We will go there." Niall said as he told the others to pack their stuff and follow Yumi to the new apartment there aren't any walkers around this place. Niall and his group calls the zombies as Biters.
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● C H A R A C T E R + I N F O R M A T I O N S


Yumi was born in Tokyo, Japan but she was raised in Los Angeles, California with her family. It was before the zombie acolypse has started it has been only 3 months she been in Los Angeles, and went to college. Her favorite color is purple and blue. Her favorite singer is Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, and Niall Horan. She also love kpop, anime/manga, and jpop. She dislike Selena Gomez. Zombie Acolypse has just begun and her family were bitten by zombies. So she decided to call them walkers.

Inventory - First Aid Kit, Canned Foods, Dried Fruits, x10 Water Bottles, Clothing

Weapons - Daggers, Katanas, Sniper Gun, Archer w/ Arrows

How many did you kill? - Four, her parents and her siblings they were only 6 years old.


Andrew was born in Seoul, Korea but he was raised in Pasenda, California but he started to live with his mother. Since his father passed away by rescuing a dog from the tsunami. He started to make friends Yumi that day she told me alot about her and her siblings. When the Zombie Acolypse has started she has to kill her two younger siblings who is only six years old he feels really bad for her. Until they meet Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande, and some other celebrities he isn't fond of Selena Gomez. He called the zombies biters when Yumi found him right in the back of the pick up truck. He can track animals to hunt and anyone who tries to follow his camp fellowers. He learn how to find from taekwondo.

Inventory - First Aid Kid, Cutting Knives to hunt, Dried Fruits, Canned Foods, Sleeping Bag, Tent, Clothing, x20 Water Jug

Weapons - Kantana

How many did you kill? - 1 which is his mother, his mother sacrifice herself just for him to stay alive.


Giselle was born in Orlando, Florida but her family moved to Los Angeles, California to have a new life. She became friends with her best favorite singer namely Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift and sometimes Miley Cyrus but she wasn't fond of Selena Gomez. Yet she is half chinese and half american. Her mother was chinese and her father was american they meant each other in Beijing China. Her mother name is Lilian Chang she has a brother named Jian Chang (常健). So she is related to Melody Chang as her cousin. She loves her cousin like her own sister. She and her cousin were the only two survive from the chaos of horad zombies that comes and goes around their neighborhood. She and her cousin were hiding inside Melody's treehouse her treehouse is huge like a house.

Inventory - First Aid Kit, Canned Foods, Dried Fruits, x10 Water Bottles, Clothing

Weapons - 2-Handed Bladed Sword w/ Dagger

How many did you kill? - her parents and her aunt and uncle


Hello I'm Melody Chang I was born in San Lorenzo, California but my parents wanted to move in Los Angeles which is okay with me. My dad did tell me I have a cousin who lives in Los Angeles. Since my mom always tell me stories about my dad's sister who has a daughter about two years older than me. When I first met her, Giselle and I have same common interest and some likes/dislikes. But we have different favorite colors. Until the Zombies Horad came along we stayed at my treehouse its big and huge it can fit only few people. But hey when me and Giselle saw two people coming this way i whispered them come up so I brought the ladder down and saw a cute boy and a another asian girl to. I became friends with Yumi and Andrew who I just found out he is half chinese so was my cousin. My parents were bitten by those biters. Yumi and I have same nicknames for the zombies. I think Yumi and I will become besties~! Until we meet our favorite singers and ugh also Selena Gomez. Greatttt~

Inventory - First Aid Kit, Canned Foods, Dried Fruits, x10 Water Bottles, Clothing, Gadgets

Weapons - Kantana

How many did you kill? - my mom and dad and my cousin's parents
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● C H A P T E R + O N E - C H A O S . S T A R T E D

xx In December 31, 2014 it was the day the stars came back from their live concert from around the world including one direction and the other stars it was all the news that they were coming back here tonight. As for Yumi she went to pack her survival kits. Once she is finish she put on her gask mask and carried her backpack and cover it with her black cloak she worn a blue converse vans. She bring her bow and arrows and along with her daggers, katanas that is found in the garage, and her sniper gun that is in weapon rooms upstairs. She went to see if theres anyone in the streets only few people getting out off this place. She quickly get out of the house with her dagger in both of her hands. "Hey you with the black cloak! Come with us!" An African man said as soon as she got in the jeep she put her daggers away. "Hi I'm Kenny and over there is Ryan, Christian, Chaz, Caitlin, Scooter, Selena and Justin." Yumi just shrugged. "What's your name? Little Girl?" Yumi just narrow her eyes with dark glares. "Yumi." She said matter-of-fact tone. Once they got out of the freeway and the cars were jammed to city were you can't escape unless if you have someone coming with he/she with you. "So were are we going Scooter?" Ryan asked. "We are going to Indian Peaks away from these Zombies." Thats where Yumi is meeting her friends at from the other side.

xx Somewhere in Indian Peaks with Andrew, Giselle, and Melody waited for Yumi. "What is taking Yumi so long?" Melody groaned. "You know walking all the way from here is 133 miles." Giselle calm Melody down as she sigh deeply. "I hope she brought company. Oi Biter at 4 o'clock. Use a katana." Melody said. Andrew threw his needle at the biter on the head as it collasped. "I use a needle for it. That was the last one." Andrew said. "I'm going to sleep on the tree branch let me know that Yumi is here or not." Giselle yawned and started climbing on the trees. Within 120 miles the van stopped Yumi spotted biters coming this way. "Everyone run out of the car into the forest like fast!" Kenny shouted. Yumi came out and slice them on the head and dash to the forest. As for Scooter who saw the whole thing he had never this girl do that before he shrugged and looked at Selena who was terrified. "Selena, Caitlin, and Justin go follow Yumi quickly!" Scooter had said to them more like a demand tone. Three of them nodded and tries to catch up with her. But Yumi is too fast for their own pace. Not for Caitlin though she caught up pretty quickly. "Hey Yumi do you have any spare daggers I can used? Since Selena took my gun." Yumi nodded and took out a dagger for Caitlin. "Keep it. I got pretty. Where's the other two?" Yumi said calmly. "Way behind. Back there that was awesome how did you do that?" Caitlin was so excited giving Yumi good vibes. "Practice." She shrugged.

xx "Man you guys are fast... *panted* can we take a break?" Justin panted and sat down and realize Selena isn't with him. There was a scream. "Oh for love god! REally!" Yumi spat darkly and dash to the scream leaving both of them confused and followed again. Justin groaned. Once they arrived they saw Selena being bitten by zombie. Justin didn't actually cared for Selena after what she did to him by using him for her fame. As for Yumi she walked up to the biter and slice in half and took out her mini gun and aim it at Selena's head and shoot it. "Lets go before the others finds out about this." Yumi spat icy. Two of them nodded quickly and followed her again. Meanwhile with Ryan, Scooter, Chaz, Christian, and Kenny they finally made it out of those eaters. "Yuck what happen here?" Chrisitan mutters and covering his nose. "I'm guesssing Selena got bitten by the eaters and someone shot her already." Ryan said. Until they heard Justin's whined. "How much longer!" "WOULD YOU JUST SHUT THE HELL UP!" Yumi shouted angrily. Justin grumbled leaving Caitilin giggling. "My god your acting like a little brat." Yumi sneer at him. That's when Justin started to get on his nerves and started to agrue with Yumi. Scooter and Kenny sighed deeply and caught up with them but when they got there they saw Yumi and Justin making out while Caitlin just gagged. "AH MY EYES!" Which made both Yumi and Justin jumped away. Christian was hugging his sister Caitlin to cover his eyes. Scooter smirked at this so does Kenny. Caitilin was happy that Selena is dead. "I found Yumi and some other people!" Andrew shouted far distance make that 15 yards away. Yumi became happy and ran toward him and hugged him. Which made Justin jealous.
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