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Post Reply Dystopian books?
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Posted 3/22/16
Most of the ones I'd normally mention have already been listed, but here's a few:

1. The War of the Worlds H.G. Wells
2. The Time Machine H.G. Wells
3. The Lord of the Flies William Golding
4. Watership Down Richard Adams

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Posted 3/28/16
I don't have just one favorite dystopian book, but I will recommend one author to anyone listening:

Frederik Pohl
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Posted 4/4/16
Neuromancer by William Gibson is definitely a must read.
Man in the High Castle or really anything by Philip K. Dick
I also find a lot of the Tom Clancy Novels have a lot of Dystopian themes
The rest of my suggestions have already been said, I just felt like repeating Neuromancer because that is quite possibly my favorite novel.
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