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Post OST here! (Anime, Game, Film, etc)
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Posted 3/10/15 , edited 3/11/15
Truth be told, those sub-forums get close to zero traffic.
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Posted 3/10/15 , edited 3/11/15

Sagenaruto68 wrote:

kufirst wrote:

Sagenaruto68 wrote:

That thread only for just anime, this one is for anime, game, movies, etc... OST


Popularity issues aside, the thread still belongs in music.

Ok, so moderate can delete it

I think we can leave it in General for a little while at least. May eventually move over to Music once folks have had a chance to see it here in General.

I am concerned about links leading to unofficial sources though, so folks posting here need to be mindful of that -- if you post a link make sure it's to an official source, not a fan upload.
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Posted 3/10/15 , edited 3/11/15
Coda - Bloody Stream : JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

For anime themes, at least.

For general music, that'd take a bit more thought.
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Posted 3/19/15 , edited 3/20/15
Currently so in love with this song...

Your Song by yun*chi

Aka log horizon's first ending theme :)

Also, Xenoblade Chronicles soundtrack, especially Gaur Plains.
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Posted 3/31/15 , edited 3/31/15
Naruto Shippuden : Nakama, Way of the Ninja, Kikyou, Road to Ninja and Akatsuki.

Anyway, Can anybody here help me find a specific song from the City Hunter anime. I have been searching for the japanese song for a long time.

The song was played in the city hunter anime episode 37 and 38. I
downloaded the soundtracks and the op and ending albums but could not
find the song. Here is episode 38 and the song starts exactly at 17:18.

Someone said that it might be Enka, traditional Japanese music. I would really be grateful if anyone could name me the song.

P.S I want to make a thread to help me find this song but it seems I have low CR to create one.
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Posted 4/2/15 , edited 4/2/15
I have Estpolis(aka Lufia)
Game Sound Legend
Consumer Series
Biography Estpolis
Sound Track

Lol what a mouthful huh, but seriously, It's got to be the nicest, most complete soundtrack ever. I covers all the music in the entire franchise, and then some :)

I have the original FFT OST

I have the Pier Solar OST

and I just bought a

The Twelve Kingdoms OST(I can't believe I found this, I was hoping to just find a Kingdom OST, but instead I found this, and it seems to have every single song in the series on it too)
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Posted 5/13/15 , edited 4/28/16
I can think of many but my current favourite is the Payday 2 OST.
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Posted 12/25/16 , edited 12/26/16
End of year forum cleanup. ^,^ Locked!
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