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Mainstream media is a complete joke.
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narfington wrote:


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To be Honest I wouldn't look to YouTube as a good source either. Yeah just might be me though. lol
However I do agree with you. I am not one who is fond of the mainstream media. Now what you said about 9/11 and War on I'm unsure of, but almost wouldn't be surprised. The main stream media does love to either milk a story to death or completely misinform the audience just so they can make a quick buck. I too take what the mainstream media says with a grain of salt or will completely laugh it off. When it comes to school shootings and such we can see this is what the mainstream media feeds on. They will never let it die and will milk it and milk it. It's quite sad honestly as they care only about the money. Um here is a video discussing how the mainstream media should go about school shootings. I agree with this video and believe it's what should be done. I'll include it in my post.
So yeah I would agree that mainstream media is a joke nowadays as it's all for money and not actual news coverage.
Now I actually just read an article early and in my area some courthouse Judge told the Sheriff that he needed to remove an American Flag(it was made of fire hoses. It was given to the Sheriff from the local fire department because something about public safety) from the courthouse because if they allow that they will have to allow other things. Now the Sheriff was outraged and probably anyone reading the story for the first time would be too. I'll admit I was extremely confused as to why the American Flag needed to be removed. It really painted the courthouse judge as rather anti-American or some jerk. Though thinking about it the news article never gave enough information as to why. So maybe the judge did have a good reason to want it down or maybe the judge is a jerk.....the news article sure painted him as one. We really need to be careful with what we believe with mainstream media.
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Here is your brand new tin foil hat enjoy. If you believe in government conspiracies and that the government can't keep secrets you have issues beyond the pale.

I miss news that was in the public good sigh oh for the days before the fairness doctrine was blown up.
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Posted 3/10/15

AiYumega wrote:

Yeah. I agree. I wish they'd just show boobs.

Oh...wait. That's not what you mean. Oh. Well.

There's naked news if you want boobs with your news.
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Posted 3/11/15
Once again a topic covering the same subject
You've really got to stop making new topics on the same thing over and over.

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