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Cassiel sung and danced around with serafina their hearts beat violently in their chests, Cassiel closed her eyes, it’s like she could hear the beat of a drum perfectly in sync with their heartbeats, a bass , a guitar she could hear it all in her head. “don’t let me go, hold me in your beating heart, I won’t let gooo” Cassiel twirled and their hands separated, they walked around in a circle there hands up hovering but not quite touching “hold me in your beating heart… I won’t let gooo” serafina held Cassiel’s hand “let me lay my head down on the shadows by your side” Cassiel’s eyes connected to Serafina’s , Joy light up both of the girls eyes, Serafina and Cassiel clasped each others hands and danced until they where a part of the song, there was nothing but each other and the beautiful song that stretched ahead of them

( the song
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