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What science does and does not do
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Posted 3/11/15 , edited 3/12/15

A-Eky wrote:

A topic has a much better chance of having people actually engaging in a discussion when it has its own thread. If people like religion threads better than philosophy ones, they're more than welcome to move there.

GayAsianBoy wrote:

forkberry wrote:

My friend slipped on a banana peel and fell over. What caused my friend to fall over?

[ ] gravity
[ ] banana peel
[ ] lack of balance/unfit
[ ] stupidity
[x] all of the above

That is a fairly good example of underdetermination...
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crazykl45 wrote:

I think this post assumes a lot more than you're really allowed.

How do you differentiate your "wall of non-explanation" from something that just needs to be actively researched? It's really not clear the the "gluon" that you mentioned and the explanation of mutation aren't just things scientists haven't been able to figure out yet.

The possibility of an explanation is different than an actual explanation.

See, I think the thing here though is we've never understood things like physics to be any more than models that represent actual phenomena. If we fill in some place holders or have to do some "handwaving" to get models that are 99% right, is there a reason to not use the model? Sure, 1% of the time. And people typically understand that. I've actually read basically that much in intro books before.

Maybe it is worth reiterating on the net in a forum like this though.
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Posted 1/26/17 , edited 1/27/17
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