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Posted 4/4/15 , edited 4/8/15
Creator (Username): Akuma_momo


Image Description(Eye's Hair, Height, ect.): Long blue hair and blue eyes. Blue furry pointy ears. 1 ft tall.

Name: Selu Delorea Tensil and her pet Bo

Race: Fona (Small frail race known to live away from huge cities and civilization. Fona takes care of animals and are known to be caretakers of magical areas untouched by man) Bo is a Streep, ram and sheep together. (Fully grown Selu could ride him)


Sex: female

Special Abilities: Nature walk - due to a Fona's natural affinity to nature, plantlife and the magical energy in the land will always try to protect or help a Fona. Not drastically to change the ecosystem but things like if its raining hard leaves will move to block the rain, plants will catch them if they fall or if they are trapped due to a rock slide or something, vines will push the stone away or the dirt will turn soft and make the rock sink. Bad part about this is that they do not control it and its not an offensive ability.

Feral telepathy- A Fona's way of speaking with animals and finding out whats wrong but only works on wild animals.

Healing waters - Selu learned how to use regular water and bless it to heal wounds, not holy magic but more natural, strengthened by magic from the land.

Skill Sets:
Medicine knowledge/ Nursing
caretaking skills
Magic tracking (A skill that helps with finding magic sources or pockets in the land, can be used to track people who use magic as well if focused.)

Special Attributes:
Very quick and hard to catch
small and nimble

Weapons: none

Magical Items: Blue Moon Tear- this gem has three functions, it produces a natural light bright enough to see like a full moon in a clear sky, it is a pure catalyst for magic even though it is small, and if the light from the moon is shined through the tear, this allows the tear to show memories of the person holding it so if the light shines through the tear and then onto a mirror one can see the memories of who touched it last or if someone has magic they can see memories of the last owner.

Weaknesses: small, frail and weak. Her hearing is very sensitive to very high pitched tones and can knock her out (Like a dog whistle)

Likes: Nature, animals, all kinds of life

Dislikes: mainly death and destruction, fighting

Qualities: Kind, loving, very trusting but shy around humanoid like people. she will always give a second chance to people and most of the time third chances.

Goals: Travel the world (Which is huge in her case) and try to make friends other than animals and other Fona

BIO: Selu was born losing her parents in unknown means, the elders in her village keeping how her parents died a secret. Selu grew up differently then the other Fona, she could not learn some of things other Fona knew how. She had a Fona's natural abilities Nature Walk and Feral Telepathy but she could not grow plants through magic, use the wind to travel faster nor could she harness the magical energy they took care of. Selu felt disheartened. She wanted to find out what she could do but more than anything after doing the same thing for years she wanted to travel and see the world. She heard stories but never had the courage to go travel.

One day while she was out harvesting herbs she found Bo, a small baby Streep. Bo hurt one of his paws and been left behind by his herd. Selu healed Bo, gave him his name and Bo never left her side since but after meeting the small creature Selu thought to herself that if she traveled she could meet new people and see new things. A new fire burned inside of her and she packed some things and headed out to see the world.
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Posted 4/16/15 , edited 4/16/15
Creator (Username): Naruto_Genius


Image Description(Eye's Hair, Height, etc.): Brown Eyes, Blonde Hair, 6”0”, Toned Body

Name: Eric Walton

Race: Human

Age: 21

Sex: Male

Special Abilities:
Sunlight – Eric can utilize the power of the sun at will to aid him. By channeling the power of the sun through his being, it gives him various abilities that he can use to attack, enhance his physical abilities, allow him to see perfectly in complete darkness, and even banish magical darkness. Eric also has the ability to “store” a limited amount sunlight, he can utilize this store whenever he wants, letting him fight at his full power as if in the middle of the day for only about an hour of constant combat. It takes about 6 hours of constant meditation and sunlight to fill up his stores from empty, taking longer if he is only able to access limited sunlight. Cloud cover doesn’t usually affect his powers, though constant cloud cover (i.e. Overcast for days on end) can slightly lower his effectiveness.

Skill Set: Master Swordsman, Skilled Hand-to-Hand, Survivalist, Skilled Healer, and Active Danger Sense

Special Attributes: Fast Reflexes, Stronger than the average person, Great self-discipline, Able to keep his cool is just about a situation

The Holy Sword of Solaria, the blade blessed and bathed in the flames of the Sun Goddess Solaria, though the enchantment is harmless to good being, it painfully burns any evil and dark beings it touches, including, but not limited to, Demons, Undead, Evil Beings and Monsters, and truly evil and irredeemable people. Due to the nature of the divine blessing, it makes the sword immune to most magical effects that would immediately destroy most weapons and armor.

Magical Items:
The Holy Symbol of Solaria – Used by Priests of Solaria for various deeds, it is seen a good omen for good people, it is used to bless people and places, as well as assist in vanquishing evil, used in exorcisms among other things.

Blessed Armor – Blessed by the Archbishop of the Order of the Golden Sun, it grants him minor resistance to dark magic when he wears it, as well as additional protection in combat.

Weaknesses: Eric’s powers become incredibly weak during nighttime and in dark places with little to no access to sunlight. During the night or in dark places, he can’t attack or enhance himself with his powers, though this can be offset by “storing” sunlight during the day, at full, he can only use his power constantly for only an about an hour, so he needs to be careful how he uses it.

Likes: The Sun Goddess Solaria, The Order of the Golden Sun (even if they can be a bit strict sometimes), Sunny Days, Happy People, Peace

Dislikes: Evil, Corruption, Unhappy People, Murder, War, Needless Conflict

Qualities: Kind, Merciful, Strong Willed, Forgiving, Centered, Pacifist (But will fight if forced), Faithful, Relatively Clumsy, Overly Apologetic at times, Silent Fury when Angered.

Goals: Protect the innocent and spread the name of Solaria

BIO: Eric was abandon by his parents on the doorstep of a monastery due to his powers manifesting when he was born. He was found by Father Alexander Walton, who took him in and raised him as his own. Due to his power, many people considered Eric to be the Champion of Solaria, the Sun Goddess, so made many people start to bring him gifts and ask for his blessing, which Father Alexander would always reprimand the people on due to Eric still being a child. When Eric was 4, the monastery was attacked by a large group of vampires and many people were killed in the onslaught, but Eric’s power fully awakened during that attack and unintentionally created a huge burst of sunlight, which killed all the vampires within the monastery instantly. Father Alexander saw Eric’s potential and decided to begin training Eric in swordsmanship and teach him to control his powers, as he was a soldier in his youth before he began following Solaria. After years of training, he joined The Order of the Golden Sun, a group who wishes to spread the name of Solaria, and was given the Holy Sword of Solaria, which was said to be the sword Solaria herself gave to her Champion. Shortly after joining the order, he decided to go on a pilgrimage to truly see the world for himself, and to do what he can to help people.
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