Work Schedule and Teams [VOTE/INFO]
Posted 3/11/15 , edited 3/11/15
Article 1 - What are our projects?

A. Anime - (Group Production)
B. Manga - (Group Production/Cooperative Production)
C. Light Novels (Cooperative Production)
D. S.D.P (Small Do-able Projects) (Cooperative/Group Production)*

Group production means this is a group project. We work on these projects as a group, and in doing so work together to complete it. Cooperative production means it's an individual production, meaning one facet is done by one person alone, and another part to this same project is done by someone else.

For example:

The Light novels will be written individually, but the covers will be drawn by our artists, as will the interior art.

The manga will be different, as it is a group and cooperative production. Each team needs to complete their own contribution, i.e. artists draw, writers write, but it still falls under the category of group/cooperative production.

Article 2 - Work Schedule

This is the most divisive part of this group. How do we go about the order of making these things? In an ideal world, we could all at once, but that's just not possible. So it comes down to which we, as a group, will do and in what order. This doesn't mean one is more important than the other, it just means whichever we think we can (1) complete, (2) be able to complete, is the one we should be doing.

Of these two options, we have the anime and the manga.

I'll simply just lay the facts out and let everyone here decide, democratically.

1. The only current production on the anime we would be able to do would be plotting, writing, designing characters, and very basic computerized art. We wouldn't be able to create anything near complete whatsoever until we recruit more digital animators.

2. The manga would be able to be plotted, written, and illustrated with the manpower we have currently, but still would take a bit of time due to things not in our control, like we aren't able to actually hand things to each other as we work over the internet.

So I leave the vote to the 18 members here. Should we begin with the work on the manga first, or should we begin with the work on the anime first?

Article 3 - Teams

Our individual teams are as follows CURRENTLY (subject to change)-

Writers - Myself (Tony), ctonhunter (Clay), lukewolf40 (Luke), lufan131, potentsativa (Ben)
Artists - Munchiez, Sir_jamesalot (James), alexiscoolasice (Alex), amyhasabowtie (Amy), jellybean101,
Voice Actors - MartinHorsted (Martin), heart345112 (Jessica), Toryleafy (Tory), potentsativa (Ben) ((possible))
Various Contributors - kimchino (Noah), Aeso (Dylan), tridragon1 (Jacky)

As I did last time, I'm going to appoint heads of each team, so that each department can report to them directly for anything pertaining to that team individually.

Writing Team - Tony (myself)
Art Team - James
Voice Actors - Martin
Various - Noah

Other than heading the individual teams, the title of "head" doesnt mean much they are more important than you. So don't worry if you're not leader.

In all, vote, and we'll get working ASAP.

Thank you.

- Tony

Posted 3/11/15 , edited 3/11/15
We might be able to find other alternatives around the issues with the manga. Such as handing things to each other.....we can use that dropbox.....if you still have it. We can also e-mail each other our work. So we could possibly find other alternatives with the manga issues.
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It's starting to get somewhere now!
And I like Clay's idea!
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Feel like it's almost time to get this show on the road =D
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Whoever else voted for anime, we're losing D:
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I think we can do anime but we have to cut our teeth on the manga first.
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