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The Isles of Yewn east of the Mourning Sea and south from the Sentinel Mountains, the Yewn Isles are a chain of tropical islands in the southern part of the eastern seas. Lush and vibrant in its landscape and wild life the Isles of Yewn are home to ship fairing villages and are a great export of many rare delicacies, but with the rich food and wild life that the islands hold also come the many pirates that roam the seas, the many islands that make up Yewn are known to have many hidden coves and underwater cave systems making them the perfect place for pirate hide outs.

Along with the many number of islands the currents around Yewn can be a bit tricky to navigate especially within the Spires of Yewn, just off coast of the Isles of Yewn in between the coast of the Mourning sea and Yewn lie the Spires of Yewn, large stone spires that stick out of the ocean. The currents around the spires have cause many ship wrecks and even the most experienced of ship captains do there best to avoid the spires.
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