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The Mourning Sea, to its east lies the Eastern seas and the Isles Of Yewn and to its west lies the great Verdant Wilds. Situated more to the center of the Mourning Sea, on top of a large oasis, lies the gladiator city of Al'Kawthar if one can fight enough or is smart with bets this would be the prime place to earn some good coin.

The Mourning sea is well traveled but that makes it no less dangerous, the land is ever changing with its frequent sand storms that are large enough to block out the sun for days or even weeks. Treacherous ruins either buried in the sand or standing the test of time on large plots of stone also lure many treasure hunters but the dangers that lay hidden within the ruins have claimed many lives.

It is mostly unknown how the Mourning Sea came to be, but it is Widely agreed by Scholars that the Mourning Sea wasn't always a dry desert, though what it was before becoming a desert is what scholars disagree on and it can be safely said that the origins of the Mourning Sea are still an unknown mystery.
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