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Fav new anime
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Posted 3/12/15 , edited 3/12/15
Silver Spoon will make you wish you never left.

Gintama is always a nice little snack when you have a hour or so to kill.
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Posted 3/12/15 , edited 3/12/15
hm, well if you are gone for 4 years, you will have missed the silly wacky awesome cute moe hilarious comedy that is yuru yuri! It has two 12 episode seasans and a third one has just been announced. Can't go wrong with that one!
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Posted 3/12/15 , edited 3/12/15
Here's a bit of everything

Yona of the Dawn
Steins; Gate
Spice and Wolf
Psycho Pass
Aldnoah Zero
The Irregular at Magic High School
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Akame ga Kill
Black Bullet
Attack on titan
The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior
No Game No Life
Nagi no Asukara
Magimoji Rurumo
My Little Monster
Golden Time
Log Horizon
Kill la Kill
Angel Beats
Fate/ Zero
School Days (MUST WATCH)
Fate/ Stay Night ( Watch this one first and catch up on the second season that starts this April before you start Fate Zero)
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Posted 3/12/15 , edited 3/12/15
Tsukimonogatari and Your lie in april
Two 10/10's
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Posted 3/12/15 , edited 3/12/15
4 years?! Ok, the list might be long, so i'll give a quick description that will explain the basics for each show. It probably won't be as long as it should be, but hope this list helps.

Magic Kaito 1412, a fantastic addition to the Detective Conan anime, which is ironic with DC being a spinoff manga of magic kaito manga. A teenage magician learns the truth of his father's death which sends him on a path of becoming a master thief, while out smarting the police, fellow thieves and the teenage detective himself.

Parasyte, a classic old manga finally in anime form. Alien lifeforms begin taking human hosts, when one such attempt fails, one boy ends up with an alien living as his arm. Now the two have to work together if both are to survive the other aliens as well as an equal force of destruction.

SAO, Sword Art Online, when players end up trapped in a video game, game over really means game over for real. It's up to Kirito, a beta tester of the game and the other players to beat boss battles, win all 100 floors and stop the creator. Only then will they get to go home.

Space Dandy, the daily life of an alien hunter with a alien mistaken for a cat and an outdated robot for the ride. Also everything is very retro in the style of the 80's, baby.

Kill la kill. OTT in anime form, simply the best anime going. A transfer student is looking for the killer of her father, the only clues are the scissor blade half the killer took and the living clothing, kamui, her father left her. Thus an epic battle of defeating the elite four, the club leaders and the head of the school. Not an anime to be missed, sub or dub.

Steins gate, self proclaimed mad scientist has invented a time machine, thus experimenting with changing their realities while discovering a terrifying secret that will forever change the future.

Maid-sama, just dubbed. The class president hates boys, she wants to rebuild the school's reputation, hence she rules with an iron fist but she holds a dark secret that could undo all her hard work. She works part time as a maid for a maid cafe. To make matters worse, a male student learns her secret but wants to keep it secret too. Thus the hilarious adventures of how these two met begins.

Tiger and bunny, a world where superheroes are the new reality tv. With one such hero down on his luck, since superhero have to be sponsored while paying for any damages caused by them. He's given a second chance, new costume and the latest equipment, the catch though, he has to be the mentor and partner to a rookie superhero, who has the same powers. The major issue isn't that they hate each other off the bat, it's the fact his new partner doesn't hide behind a superhero name.

IS aka infinte stratos, The main character becomes the interest of every student of IS academy, not just because it's an all girl's academy with him being the only male student, but that he's the only male to ever get an IS to work. The IS being a combat mech used as a sport where the academy trains representatives across the world. Yes, it is a harem to for warn, so there will be plenty of fan service scenes.

Accel world, in the future where virtual reality is part of daily life, one bullied boy dreams of leaving the real world behind with his high skills in the virtual world. Upon finding out another person has beaten his score, she decides to reveal to him a game that will test his reflexes to the max. The accelerated world of brain burst, where people battle in VR to increase their skills while preventing the horrible notion of losing their points. If they lose all their points, they lose brain burst as well as their memories of it.

Future diary, a loner learns his imaginary friends are more real and deadly then he ever thought. He's given a phone which already tells him what happens in the future. Now he's thrown into a death game against 11 other players, all fighting to become a god. Yet one of the 11 actually loves him, the only problem with his new ally, she's a psychopath with no restraints. Let the contest for master of time and space begin.

Shiki, an old village stuck in the past begins to have an unusually high number of deaths. The villagers believe it's a flu/epidemic but the reality is more akin to the supernatural. A psychological and graphic horror from the same mastermind behind ghost hunt.

Another, a transfer student returns to his late mother's home town. Where upon enrolling an unease is around his classmates. As well as a strange student that no-one talks to. Whenever he brings her up or asks about the old stories surrounding the school, things take a turn for the worse. A terrifying and gripping ghost story with a modern twist that will leave you guessing before the horrifying truth is revealed.

The devil is a part timer. Satan, lord of the demons is vanquished but escapes death through a portal to another world. He ends up in modern tokyo, without his magic, and stuck in human form. The solution, taking over this world through the first job he gets. Aka, the fast-food industry. It all starts coming together, until trouble from his world comes knocking.

Attack on titan, a world where humanity hides behind it's walled cites and fields from giant humanoid monsters. They kill simply because they can, they regenerate and they never give mercy. When the walls are destroyed by a new titan, three friends train to take back their home and stop the titans once and for all. Yet the truth will forever change them, the humans, the titans and their sealed world.

I hope you enjoy these and plenty of other animes.
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19 / F / Basketball Court
Posted 3/12/15 , edited 3/12/15

No Game No Life


Pyscho Pass
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Posted 3/12/15 , edited 3/12/15

Kenta_Kuro wrote:

I just got back to watching anime again and using this site (4 year hiatus). I was just wodering what the best new animes to get into are. If you have any ideas lemme know.

this site has anime battles, all the qualifing anime are all good. it will depend on taste.

we just finished a best 2014 character battle

there are ones for male and female

and then we had best anime for the year sorta things as well

there are some good series left out but thats usually because of low preference.

just search the forums with "anime battle" or best male and such to see

also if your a mecha/gundam fanatic then try the gundam build fighters series, really hypy.
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Posted 3/12/15 , edited 3/12/15
One Piece.
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Posted 3/12/15 , edited 3/12/15
kill la kill is epic fun. art is strange. (dubbed)
strike the blood, (vampires. its a great fun anime. very cliche, but its "sex drugs and rock n' roll" and it knows it.)

golden time is loved by alot (i hated it with a passion, but im the minority)

sakura trick. ( i loved this as a romance more than yuri.)

knights of sidonia , (mecha scifi, pretty hardcore as far as anime scifi, it has a decent dub)

yona of the dawn.

durururura!, CR has season 1 and 2, both dubbed as well. season 2 is 8 week behind sub

testement of new sister devil, (very ecchi, and a pretty good story that could stand on its own. think to love ru, but more sexual)

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Posted 3/12/15 , edited 3/12/15
My favorite anime of the last 5 or so years are:

From the New World
Kokoro Connect
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Posted 3/12/15 , edited 3/12/15
Death Parade
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Posted 3/12/15 , edited 3/12/15
Edit: Not sure if you know but don't change your avatar if you want to keep it long, we've been restricted to squares for a while now.

Not sure where the cut-off is exactly, so I'll just start at 1/1/2011.

Not-exhaustive list is not exhaustive.


C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control:
Really imaginative and kind of captivating, although not the best first few minutes ever.

Fate/Zero: /fate-zero
You'll see the name Gen Urobuchi repeatedly when it comes to this list, such as in...

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica: /puella-magi-madoka-magica
A defining series of modern anime written by Gen Urobuchi and directed by Akiyuki Shinbo.

Another significant stand-out, the writing around the later midpoint of this show was mind-melting.

Yumekui Merry/Dream Eater Merry:
Another show I'm fond of, shares some staff with Casshern Sins although unfortunately not the budget.


Black Rock Shooter: Unlicensed because the universe hates my guts.
I really liked this, it's short and a little confused in terms of explanations but still awesome.

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!: /love-chunibyo-other-delusions
KyoAni harem-y rom-com with some pretty nice character development and feels thrown into the mix.

Guilty Crown:
Not the best example of writing ever, but it looks and sounds, and often feels, fantastic.

Humanity Has Declined: /humanity-has-declined
Scything satire about life and goals and stuff, and highly creative.

Hyouka: Unlicensed.
KyoAni slice of life that's very pleasant to watch and just feels nicely different from the norm.

My Little Monster: /my-little-monster
Really liked this rom-com although I'd never approve of my sister dating Haru.


Aiura /aiura
Comedy short that is way too short, would strongly recommend.

Attack on Titan: /attack-on-titan
The latest big spin on the shounen formula, with a commendable cast of characters.

The Devil is a Part-Timer!
Superb comedy and characters and an outrageous story tying it all together.

Gatchaman Crowds: /gatchaman-crowds
Fantastic heroes from the social fringes teach the importance of keeping your head out of your own ass.

Kotoura-san: /kotoura-san
Comedy, exceptional first episode because reasons. The rest of it you can take or leave.

Kyousougiga TV: /kyousougiga

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU: /my-teen-romantic-comedy-snafu
Voted best anime of 2013 by these forums.

The Pet Girl of Sakura Hall: /the-pet-girl-of-sakurasou
Fun rom-com with heart, and it looks great.

Gen Urobuchi revitalizes cyberpunk at least enough for one solid show.

[email protected]:
SHAFT-esque crazy, but with a lot of world and character building and it looks sweet.

Shin Sekai Yori/From the New World: /shin-sekai-yori-from-the-new-world
Excellent sense of creeping horror and dread permeates the first cour.

Space Battleship Yamato 2199: Unlicensed.
Remake of the first season from 1974, still a great space opera and still being paid homages today.

Sunday Without God: /sunday-without-god
Drop-dead amazing first half (see what I did there?).


No Game No Life: /no-game-no-life
Favorite new show I've seen in a long time, and one of my most rewatched in less than a year.

World Conquest Zvezda Plot: /world-conquest-zvezda-plot
"Lincoln had potential, his problem was that he couldn't handle bullets" -- Kate Hoshimiya.

Yuki Yuna is a Hero: /yuki-yuna-is-a-hero
A series in the wake of Madoka Magica that still retains its own identity.
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Posted 3/13/15 , edited 3/13/15
Attack on Titan
Usagi Drop
No game no life
Akame ga Kill
Kokoro connect
Nagi no Asukara
My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU
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Posted 3/13/15 , edited 3/13/15
A ton of people probably already said these, but HunterXHunter, Durarara, Parasyte the Maxim, Fate Stay Night, And Gintama.
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Posted 3/13/15 , edited 3/13/15
I'll throw in Cross Ange just for the heck of it. If you can get by the first 2 episodes, this show really pays off after that.

While it has a lot of Yuri in it, The relationships are developed over time and Ange's journey from spoiled Princess to overall badass is enjoyable and believable., while they haven't adequately explained the Ep. 22 revelation yet (Sunrise even pokes fun at it in the preview for Ep.23) It's been a fun ride.
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