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Posted 3/11/15 , edited 4/3/15
by CrayMeganeChan

When you think of someone performing a jewelry heist, you don't think that they would be actually pulling off a performance. With Magic Kaito 1412 that's exactly what you'll get here. Come and be amazed as you witness the magic of a young illusionist performing his best tricks right in front of your eyes.

This series tells the story of Kaito Kuroba, a young teenager who excels in the art of illusions. His father was also a great illusionist, who Kaito himself said he could never beat. When he learns about his father's alter ego of being Kid the Phantom Thief and its true ties with his death, Kaito becomes the new Kid in order to learn more of the ones responsible for killing his father. He discovers that there is a jewel called the Pandora Gem that can grant immortality and that his father's refusal to help find it is what got him killed. So as the new Kid, he goes around stealing jewels in hopes of finding the Pandora Gem in order to destroy it. With Kid only having one jewel in mind to actually take, he always ends up returning those he doesn't need.This sets up the premise for the whole series and we know why our main character is doing what he does. What makes the episodes themselves interesting is how he pulls them off.

As mentioned earlier, Kaito is great with illusions and he definitely has a few tricks up his sleeve. Though he is great at what he does a little help never hurts. Before Kaito officially became Kid, an old acquaintance of his father, Jii Kounosuke, tried to be an imitation Kid. Once the two encountered each other (and who Kid learned of his father's secret identity from), Jii became Kaito's faithful assistant helping him pull of his "performances." He also finds help in his childhood friend though it's more for him being Kaito than as Kid and she doesn't realize she's part of a bigger plan. Aoko Nakamori is the girl Kaito grew up with and teases the most out of anyone. When Kaito is not in his Kid alter ego and is just Kaito, it helps that he has an alibi by being with Aoko. With these outings with her, which is usually where the next jewel he plans to steal is, he also gains insider tips on how the cops are trying to catch Kid or whoever challenged him in trying steal. Throughout the series, Aoko herself suspects Kaito of being Kid but of course he manages to the wool is pulled over her eyes. Kaito isn't always such a jerk to her. There are certain episodes where he uses his tricks to really impress her and make her happy. Her dad on the other hand can't say the same thing. He doesn't have a problem with Kaito but as the head inspector, Ginzo Nanamori has a problem with kid. This problem have been going on since Kaito's dad was Kid. Just when he thinks he thought of a plan that Kid can't possibly get out out, he gets proven wrong.

I gotta admit watching Kaito work his magic in these episodes is really amazing. Even though these are episodic episodes, you get something new each time and it's never boring. Each episode serves as a challenge to Kaito and tests just how good his magic really is. There are many in the series who try to take Kid down and we meet a few that really try to outsmart him at his own game. One in particular is Conan of Detective Conan from which this is a spin off from. Since I've never actually seen an episode myself, it was good to get a taste of it in the episodes he appeared in. Even though the way Kaito pulls off his performances is very slick, based on a particular episode, which I have personally declared as my favorite, where we actually see his dad being Kid, Kaito is definitely not as smooth as his father. He's still young so of course there is time for him to get even better. The makings are all there. His youthfulness against all these grown people brings the comedy factor when he succeeds.

Magic Kaito 1412 simulcasts Saturdays at 7:00am EDT
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Posted 3/12/15 , edited 3/13/15
Been a fan of Detective Conan since 2000.

"One in particular is Conan of Detective Conan from which this is a spin off from." That's not entirely clear. But neither is a spin off of each other. Magic Kaito manga by Aoyama Gosho started in the late 1980s. Three compiled volumes of the manga came out initially (Vol 3 in 1994, Vol 1 and 2 in 1988 (Vol 4 didn't come out until 2007 which goes up to Ch28)). Detective Conan manga started in 1994.

It may be covered in one of the data books or interviews with Aoyama, but why he decided to integrate Kid into Detective Conan I don't know. Kid's introduction into Detective Conan was spectacular (equates to anime ep76; story in manga vol 16) and was obviously a big success because Kid as turned up in stories ever since. Kid in DC verse is not quite the same character. A more serious edge he has in DC.

Magic Kaito 1412 is "do over" of the previous animated version (2011) while also updating the stories (where Kaito would look at a newspaper he's now looking on his smart phone for example) (and adding parts (like all his video calls with his mom)). Also new is getting Kid's POV on certain cases which existed only in the DC manga/anime.

There's only 33 chapters to Magic Kaito (31-33 the latest which the last 2 episodes of 1412 will cover).
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