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Posted 3/11/15
by iblessall

Do you like Nao Toyama's work as a voice actress? Can't get enough of her, even though she plays 5+ characters in KanColle? Well, you're in luck! Military!, based on the manga by Mamo Williams, boasts a whole lot of Nao Toyama shrilling in a higher pitch than you've ever heard her before, accompanied by the more reserved tones of Ayane Sakura. There's not a whole lot to Military! or its formula—as if there really could be for a 3 minute and 30 second show—but what's there works kind of like this: guns, screaming, grenades, shouting, tanks, yelling...and lots of fanservice.

Personally, the fanservice is a bit too crude and framed too crassly to really appeal to me, but if you like panty shots and absurd swimsuits and the protagonist getting beat up for his seemingly unavoidable encounters with the crotches and chests of his female companions, Military! is going to be right up your alley. Military! does occasionally show signs of sweetness, but mostly it's just fanservice for the sake of fanservice for the sake of torturing the protagonist, Souhei.

For military otaku, there's a bit of an attraction here, too. Every episode ends with a short (ofttimes interrupted by an exploding grenade) lecture on some kind of martial topic: a weapon, a piece of history, a tank, etc. And the characters themselves use a variety of weaponry, most of which is identified by a string of letters and numbers that mean nothing to me, but definitely could excite those interested in types of guns or tanks or artillery shells.

The zany tone of the short is another attractive feature. Headlined by Nao Toyama's irrepressible performance (one of the short's true redeeming features) as Lieutenant Lut, Military! falls short of really going for true craziness due to the show's insistence on breaking up scenes with fanservice and due to the limited nature of the production.

At three and a half minutes an episode, Military! isn't too bad a value for the time investment. While the fanservice really does hold the show back from being a truly exciting burst of animated energy, the Nao Toyama factor is at least one reason to watch. Personally, Military! doesn't much appeal to any of the things I like about anime, but its short runtime is a pretty low entrance barrier if you're interested in checking it out.

Military! airs every Thursday at 1:30 PM CDT.
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