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Posted 3/11/15 , edited 4/3/15
by moonhawk81

Unlimited Fafnir is a tale of warriors chosen by fate to defend the world against destructive creatures called dragons, knowing that failure will result in them becoming dragons themselves and being hunted in turn. Handicapping their efforts, however, is the fact that the very powers they use to combat dragons come from their each being paired with one as its intended mate. These warriors, called D girls, are trained at Midgar, a fortified island base that offers the distinct advantage of luring mate-seeking dragons away from more populated areas and into a concentration of powers (D girls) arrayed against them. Unlimited Fafnir first appeared as a light novel series and then as a manga carried in the magazine good! Afternoon, both by Tsukasa and both ongoing. The anime version is produced by studio Diomedea and airs on TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System); it is simulcast on Crunchyroll on Fridays at 2:00pm CDT.

Yuu Mononobe has come to Midgar as its first and only male student, courtesy of his being the only known male D in existence. Sadly for Yuu, this does not spell instant harem. Although he is surrounded by beautiful young women, they are endowed with powerful magical abilities and trained in combat. Furthermore, at an already emotionally turbulent age in anyone's life, these girls are confronting the fact of having their futures determined for them by either a desperate humanity or powerful dragons--either way, they seem mere tools in someone else's game. And so Yuu encounters attitudes fueled by anger, despair, and isolation. Then there's the fact that his little sister, Mitsuki, is student body president, and thus able to keep especially close tabs on his behavior. Perhaps not close enough, however, to initially realize that he is still under orders from his military unit (NIFL), which plans to use him as last-ditch insurance against any of the girls becoming dragons. To wit, who cannot be saved must be killed. Now, imagine walking in with that kind of baggage and trying to make friends.

But Yuu does make friends, causing his commanding officer (Major Loki) to develop concerns that Yuu might not be able to ultimately execute his orders should the need arise. And Yuu's actions concerning Iris Freyja's near-transformation lend credence to Loki's anxieties. Not only did he risk losing Iris to a dragon, but he also attacked fellow NIFL soldiers while protecting her. Still, Yuu insists that he would have killed her had it become absolutely necessary--but can the military trust his word, or even his judgement? His younger sister Mitsuki still carries the guilt of killing her best friend Miyako after first watching her become a dragon. Protecting Mitsuki from enduring that pain again might be Yuu's only believable argument to support his professed resolve, as he certainly hasn't inspired that trust through his actions. So far, he's skirted the issue by defending the girls through the use of his own dragon-based powers. But how long can he do so successfully? And what happens should he eventually fail?

Unlimited Fafnir is pretty standard fare as far as action and even magical series go, while its harem elements seem somewhat underdeveloped. The computer generated imagery blends into the standard animation about as well as it usually does, but in this series that visual disconnect might actually be part of the storyline, used to stress the otherworldly nature of the dragons. Fortunately (for viewers), the dragons come in different types with different powers, so it's not the same battle each time. Also on the plus side, Yuu is a pretty decent guy, both friendly and protective. He seems genuinely concerned about his schoolmates' welfare--particularly his little sister--but continues to identify himself as a soldier with a duty to all of humanity. The D girls, meanwhile, are bravely trying to make the best of their unenviable situation, protecting and supporting each other in both battle and daily life. So this series has engaging characters to flesh out a solid, if unoriginal, plot. All of this makes for an entertaining show--but I'm still rooting for the dragons!
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Posted 3/18/15 , edited 3/18/15
Looks like a pretty generic title, but yet I'm still interested.

Great review, I'll probably start watching this one very soon
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