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Posted 3/11/15 , edited 4/3/15
by Welldweller


ISUCA tells the story of two high school students, the oh so average teenager Shinichirou Asano and one of his fellow students Shimazu Sakuya. A girl with the power to exorcise creatures that feed upon the life force of unsuspecting humans. Joined by Tamako, a two tailed cat demon, Nadeshiko-Sensei, who is charged with supervising Sakuya while Sakuya is on her own and more characters on their way to the show.

Sakuya is the 37th head of the Shimazu family, a position of power but in a fragile state. Upon encountering Sakuya, Asano finds he has special powers in ascertaining the true names of demons and giving life force at an incredible rate, replenishing it just as astonishingly. Asano's parent live overseas and at the persistence of Nadeshiko Sensei, he moves in with Sakuya as her housekeeper due to his cleaning habits. Tamako is now indebted and serves Asano after he learns her true name and keeps Sakuya from exorcising her, as she becomes a valuable asset to their team,

Sakuya's cousin and the other candidate for the head of the family, Shimazu Suseri, joins in on the fun with trying to take Asano anyway she can. Including washing Asano with her body. Of course she transfers into their school with her assistant Souma Matsuri. Weak in spell casting but has a talent for healing with talismans. The drama fully starts when you meet Isuca herself, as she has a grudge against the Shimazu family and is relentless in her attacks.

The characters are diverse in all their personalities to round out the cast, ranging from serious to over the top. Sakuya wears her emotions on her sleeves and it is where most of the drama and comedy come from. The art is beautiful and the animation is fluid. The characters have solid design, especially the villains. I really enjoyed the rat spirit looking like a plague doctor. Even in his tiny form. The humor in this show is what keeps it fresh and light at the right moments. . Too much of the fighting or seriousness would be too much. With the cute moments of blushing to full on dumb jokes. the humor ranges and keeps it going.

The music for the opening and ending sequence are both fun and upbeat but the ending song comes a bit softer after a bit. Both great tracks and worth listening to outside the show itself! The show is based on the manga, it apparently doesn't follow it too closely so if you have read the manga you'll have some new material in this anime!

The fan service is still here and wildly suggestive, definitely not for younger viewers. Including closing scenes with Sakuya and Tamako in suggestive poses and lightly clothed. Underneath all the fan service there is a story here, with an underlying romance that has the constant nudging of Nadeshiko-Sensei. Will a relationship ever develop? Will they defeat their foes? I'm definitely tuning in to the simulcast on Fridays 11:00am PDT to find out!!!

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Posted 3/29/15 , edited 3/30/15
A really awesome anime.
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