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Posted 3/11/15 , edited 3/12/15
by CrayMeganeChan

"There's no tour that impossible for us."

That's not the official slogan but The Guide: Five Stars in Kyoto makes sure it goes by it. In this series, no tour is ever a typical one. Somehow, in the end, guests leaves more than satisfied with the results making what would have been impossible for some, possible.

Satake Ichiro has just begun his new employment in the Kyoko Sightseeing Section of Sunset Tours. When his section chief gives him is first tour to lead with a notorious complainer, he finds himself in a position that could cost him is job if things turn out bad. Lucky, he has an encounter with Takase Kyoka, who use to be known as the Travel Master but now works in the company's sanitation department called the Central Management Center. With this encounter, Satake also gets to meet others from the Central Management Center crew: Sawamura Koyo, also a former tour guide who knows when to be "on" when in tour guide mode and "off" when in down time, Kawabata Tetsu, the company's contract driver who knows the streets of Kyoto and is also in love with Kyoka, and Sakuraba Heiichi, the director of the Central Management Center who mostly sleeps and only wakes when running late for after work activities.

Through out the series, these characters, along with Ogawara Yuri, the innkeeper of the Yuri Inn where Kyoka sends the guests of the tours she helps stay, will be helping Satake out of his tour dilemmas with Kyoka coming up and conducting the tour guides herself. Once a tour is placed in the hands of the former Travel Master, thanks to Satake's section chief trying to give him yet another impossible tour, she tailors them to the needs of the guest though not entirely by what they wanted. Kyoka senses that there is more going on and takes them to appropriate touring sites that coincide with the situation. This helps bring the situation to light making it easy for the guest to confront it. Not every plan comes easy to her and she turns to her past time of puzzles to help her think of plans. By the end of the tour all guest involved come out feeling a better sense of happiness that a normal tour wouldn't have provided.

When Crunchyroll announced they would be simulcasting this show, just by looking at the title I got somewhat excited. Not necessarily for the show itself but that fact that it had something to do with touring and when I think touring, I think traveling. I then later thought how could a show about touring be any good or at least interesting? Well, The Guide: Five Stars in Kyoto answered that question and exceeded my expectations. It has a nice blend of drama and comedy that delivers in every episode especially thanks to the cast of the show. Plus, you learn actual facts about different places in Kyoto so it also provides an educational factor. Normally with new shows for every season, I look the most forward to watching episodes of anime shows that I have pick as favorites every week. This season The Guide has had me wanting a new episode to watch by the time I'm finished watching the new release for the week. I don't know when I'll every get an opportunity to go to Japan but I'm putting Kyoto on my list now. In the meantime, I'll just keep watching The Guide: Five Stars in Kyoto and you should too.

The series is still currently airing and simulcasts on Saturdays at 1:00am EDT
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Posted 8/18/15 , edited 8/19/15
I loved this show.
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Posted 8/20/15 , edited 8/21/15

snaphappyfma wrote:

I loved this show.

I remember them saying they were doing a movie or something for the show at the end of the last episode so can't wait for that to come out. I would love to re-watch this show again.
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