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Posted 3/11/15 , edited 4/3/15
by FloydYoder

GTO - The Animation is a classic anime about a former delinquent who has grown up and decided to take on teaching. The main character is Eikichi Onizuka, a tough as nails jokester who enjoys looking at hot girls and being relaxed about things. Onizuka eventually decides to become a teacher and starts by being a student teacher. At first Onizuka takes up teaching for all the wrong reasons, much like Mr. Kimura from Azumanga Daioh, Onizuka has a thing for high school girls and in his mind being a high school teacher means taking it easy while being surrounded by pretty young girls. However, during his time as a student teacher he very quickly finds that not only is he well suited to teach due to his straightforward personality and his personal strength, but he actually enjoys it and intends to become a teacher for teaching's sake. Thus begins the tale of Great Teacher Onizuka.

The setup for GTO is actually impressively good for a long term story. When I was first told about this series I wondered how interesting an anime about being a teacher could be, turns out the answer is very interesting. First off, Onizuka gets a job as a full time teacher by German suplexing the vice principal (trust me, it makes sense in context). Soon after, he is given his assignment which is to be the homeroom teacher to the most troubled middle school class in the school's history. Over time Onizuka manages to garner quite a bit of success in this mission by connecting with his students, making school fun and ultimately gaining their respect. The new teacher has to shape up a inner city/troubled class and help them succeed is a classic story that we have seen in movies like Stand and Deliver and Dangerous Minds and if you are familiar with these movies you probably have a vision of what the worst class in GTO might be. Probably loud, maybe a smoker openly smoking in class and the students openly talk back to the teacher or even threaten him/her. You'd be wrong, so very very wrong. In GTO the worst class is polite, well-behaved, attentive in class and pure evil. They are the type of people who try to orchestrate a situation that gets their teacher arrested for pedophilia, or Photoshop pictures of their teacher and a prostitute and blackmail them into quitting. However, since the class is so indirect and nefarious with their methods and Onizuka is so direct and adaptable with his response we get a really interesting dynamic that carries the show forward.

GTO is a classic and for good reason. The show is funny, the characters are interesting and the conflict works really well in the story. Watching Onizuka slowly turn his many enemies into allies is great to watch. This is a great story that you absolutely need to check out. And let's just say anime isn't necessarily your thing (unlikely since you are at Crunchyroll right now) there is also the manga and the drama both available here on Crunchyroll. So no matter what your taste is, you can get your fix of Great Teacher Onizuka.
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Posted 3/17/15 , edited 3/18/15
I just finished watching this...

It was great, but I felt that the ending could have been better. The share amount of episodes makes this a small problem though.
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Posted 3/19/15 , edited 3/19/15
I watched this several years ago when I wasn't too much into anime. I still vividly remember how fun it was, but unfortunately I wasn't a big fan of the ending. I recently started reading the prequel "GTO: the early years", and definitely gonna pick those GTO volumes from my shelf, and breeze through them.
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Posted 3/21/15 , edited 4/3/15
The drama is fun too. They basically cram 3 to 4 story lines together to get the 40+ episodes down to 12 or so.
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