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After a vote, 10 members of 20 voted 8 votes to 2 in favor of doing the manga before the anime. I did not vote, so that was everyone else. I had said whatever everyone decided is what we'd do, so you've decided, so now we're going to start to do.

This is the plan of how we are going to work this, and this is our schedule. We need to keep pace, and we need to stay focused as we do this. Please keep this schedule in mind in the coming days as we begin to do more solid work.

Step 0 - Initial storyboard. This is a throwaway storyboard with stick figures that will help us understand how to work on the actual manga. I suggest every person just take a pencil and a few pieces of scrap paper and draw out a stick figure manga. It may seem silly, but it'll help get us into the mindset of what to do.

Step 1 - In order to avoid clutter and stalling, the writing team will work together and create 3 different possible plots to use use. These plots will include setting, time period, all the vital information. Of these 3, a vote will be held here. You all will decide which out of the 3 you want to do, and that plot will be our manga.

Step 2 - After finalizing which plot we are going to be working on, we will begin two vital processes, character design and character development. Our writing team will work on the individual character development, and at the same time write the initial manuscript, and our artists will work on the character designs, and with these character art guides to follow in creating the manga so the art stays consistent. In addition to this, the voice actors will be able to help with either one of these teams, in either lending a voice demo to help create ideas, or just be a help to that team. I want everyone involved.

Step 3 - After we finish the designs and development, and have a solidified first chapter plot, we will begin storyboarding. This is a very important part, as it is the connection of story and art. This will be a hugely important part of creating the manga, and we need to make sure everyone is on the same page (pun intended), and that we can create the vision of what we see the manga as.

Step 4 - We will begin actually illustrating the manga after we have a finalized storyboard. What this means is that we won't begin actually fully illustrating the manga until we have a finalized storyboard to reference. The art team will have two separate tasks, one will be initial art, and the other secondary/background art. As it is right now, we will be using digital software to create the art, and that aspect will be discussed by our resident artists who know what they are doing with that, because I'm not too well versed in that, but understand that background needs to be done first, followed by characters.

Step 5 - Finish the manga. We will likely revise it until we feel it is finally perfect, or as close to perfect as can be. We will create a cover, and finish. The final release place is undecided yet, but will be decided soon.

Right now, we need to immediately worry about steps 0-2. After that, we will be focusing on 3-5. This is a step by step process, and these are the foundations of how we will be doing this.

If you have any questions or concerns, please tell me. I'll help and explain everything if needed.

Please refer back to this!!

Thank you

- Tony
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I'm ready to go!

Also.. Great pun!
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I ready whenever.
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