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stupid but deep question (non anime topic)
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Posted 3/13/15
funny thing she and i made a deal that while i looked for a job (just got one btw last may) she would go to college and if by chance i got a job i should get an apartment for both her and i to live in while she went to college

which sounds completely like a one sided deal... which it was... the only thing that stopped me from doing all this was she got kicked out of her grandma's house before i got even considered for a job (was in an internship at the time)
then "other guy" who she knew from high school had an apartment.....
i didn't have an apartment....
she was getting kicked out with nowhere to live....

so she moved in with him and within id say a week she broke up with me.
and yet was completely obsessed with her for the next couple months
ya know i feel really dumb
but there is a silver linning to this story
around April 28th my birthday coming was up in a few days i got the job i wanted from said internship i was in and worked for free at
pretty much my best birthday ever turning 21 getting job and to top it off obsession for her goes away with a phone call from her that goes something like this
*in my head just before phone call* "man today is awesome i just got a job and my birthday coming up... i think i need to get rid of my emotional baggage though because im finally becoming a successful person of society"
*phone rings*
*check phone its her*
"hey whats up"
"hey.... if i tell you something can you promise to not get angry"
*i know what she is gonna say but it wont make me mad in the least* "ok.... sure whats up"
"well im pregnant"
"your not mad are you"
and all i could say was.......
"best of luck to you and god bless" and i said it with smile on my face knowing i was now not obsessed anymore

and i had dodged a bullet.

welp thanks for listening to my story and giving me advice to the other question i better get to bed its midnight where im at
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Posted 3/13/15
Who knows maybe she felt that she couldn't relate to you as much because she could acknowledge that you were really smart. I doubt she'd say that because she knew how manipulative she was and it was hard to get one over you, so she felt defeated and stated that she wished you were never that smart. Take it as a benefit as opposed to a flaw. Your intelligence wasn't meant to be wasted on someone who would state such a perk as a flaw.
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Posted 1/21/17
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