Illusion of the moon rabbit
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Chapter 1- Illusionary Eternal Festival
The sun glistened over the streets of Akihabara as light snow fell.Posters of anime characters decorated the buildings. The smell of crepes drifted across the air. Buses drove down the road with idol posters on the side and music blurting out.People wearing suits, school uniforms and Cosplay walked down the paths, enchained in their conversation.On the fifth floor of the eight story Donki Hote shopping building, was a cafe. Quite Jpop songs were playing in the background. The outfits of the maids consisted of a short puffy maid styled dress with an pinafore covering most of the dress which had bows on-top of the pockets. A large bow was on the back. One girl stood out.She was a young, cute Japanese girl with a baby face and flawless, pale skin, and pure white hair that was loosed curls and split in half by two pink hair-ties in high twin tails ,with side bangs reaching her shoulders, causing it to reach just above her waist. Her height was 154 cm. A full fringe covered her forehead, laying just above her eyes. Her right eye was violet and her left eye was pastel pink. A headdress with a small pink bow each side was on her head. On her right wrist were two pastel bracelets consisting of star shaped beads. On her left wrist was a pastel pink bow wrist-cuff. Her nails were painted pastel pink. A pair of pastel pink and white stripped thigh high socks covered her legs. A pair of pastel pink Angelic Pretty tea party shoes were on her feet. Her makeup consisted of pale pink eye-shadow with a thin layer of black eyeliner along the top of her eyes and liquid white eyeliner was along the bottom of her eyes. "I'm Yukimura Kuro," she smiled, holding her hand up into the air and making a 'v' sign. "Her voice was soft yet clear, giving it a cute tone. "It's nice to meet you," the customer grinned, being passed a menu. "Ring the bell when you've decided," Kuro smiled. The customer gently rang the bell. "Can I have a Iced Tea?" the customer confidently asked, pointing at the menu, while keeping focused on Kuro's multicolored eyes. "Okay, be right back," Kuro nodded before slightly skipping over to the counter. Within a minute she brought back a clear class which contained ice tea and a few star shaped ice cubes. "So cute," the customer grinned. "Would you like any milk in your tea?" Kuro offered. "Yeah," the customer responded, doing a thumps up. Kuro lightly poured some of the milk into the tea till the customer said stop. "Okay, It's already delicious however there's a magical spell to make it even more delicious," Kuro cutely smiled. "Magic spell?" the customer repeated. "Yep, make a heart with your hand and move it to your left and say moe," Kuro smiled, doing the actions followed by the customer. "Move it to your right and say Moe," she added, the customer still doing the steps. "And then Kyun," Kuro smiled, moving the heart forwards towards the drink. "Are you ready?" she asked. "Rodger that," the customer nodded, a smile on their face. "Moe, Moe, Kyun," they both chanted in unison, doing the steps. "Now your drink will be magical," Kuro beamed, sprinkling some sparkles over the drink.
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