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Posted 3/14/15
Okay everyone, so as a result of our group call today, we have finalized the initial plot of our manga!

Title: Book of Reign

Plot: Born into a world of despair, young Akachi sets off from his village in North Sersemot, in a quest to rid the name of the evil Emperor Deimos from the Book of Reign! Along the way, he meets 3 willing companions, who join him on a quest for justice.

You can read the entire plot and character profiles here ---

If you are unable to view it, check your email for the share request I sent to 12 people, or request to be added.

What we need to do now:

Artists - Please begin sketching out the characters. It's vital we have enough sketches to get an idea of the character, then create a finalized version. So please, take the information given, and begin sketching. Three characters profiles are not complete, however, they will be completed tomorrow. There's enough to go off of with each!

If you have any questions, or anything to say, please reach out.

Let's get this going now.
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Posted 3/14/15
This is probably the best plot we've had so far...
I'm looking forward to see how it ends up!

Get to work people!
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Posted 3/15/15
Map of the Sesermot Region.
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