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Post Reply Getting terrible video streaming performance on 120+ mbps internet
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Posted 3/19/15 , edited 3/19/15
Cancelling is your choice after all but that isn't my reason for replying.

@Ashrak, it may be worth you having a look at if you haven't used it already, they use a type of P2P networking instead of a traditional VPN service. It's free but there are some limitations, having paid for and made use of the premium service from them (which is really cheap) I would recommend it.

I had a few minor issues tonight but nothing that stopped me watching CR.
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Posted 3/20/15 , edited 3/20/15
Everything was working good until a couple of days ago ! I had to relaod the video /Shirobako at least 10 times ( no lie there ) Even Log Out and Reboot! That was with two different browsers!

I even tried SD and it finally got done but at least two reloads !

The whole website is slow pages take long to load .

I use Funimation too no problems there so its not my end!

My 4th tickey wiil be going out today! Why do we pay for this?
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