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Posted 2/4/08
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Posted 2/8/08
The Silence

The Silence always Is.

It is unaffected by
time and space.

It is eternal, unchanging.

It is already accomplished.

All you do is bring your
Consciousness to The Silence.

The Silence is always within you,
in your Heart.

Come into the Serene Center of
your Being within your Heart
enter The Silence.

In this very moment
Be in The Silence.

There is nothing to do…
Simply Be in the
quiet stillness of
The Silence within
your Heart.

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30 / F / Candy Island!!! :Dim
Posted 6/13/08

Comes crashing down
as we struggle to breathe
with its harsh weight upon our shoulders
and it bitterness filling our mouths

And yet...dreams still remain inside ourselves
pushing us
to live another day
and to look up at the sun
and smile.
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M / Area 11 (Japan)
Posted 6/17/08
these are kool poems did you people make these up, it has something about it i like, not sure tho lol
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20 / F / above the core
Posted 6/19/08
wait here it goes

with broken wings

Wings i have,
Now are broken,
Tell me how far i can fly,
With broken wings,
And the fear in my eye?

How can i sleep tonight,
When i know you'll invade my dreams,.
I cant fly away,
Broken black wings are mine,
Now thats something that cant be fixed
Not by even time,

Dragging me into this world,
I cant get away
My wings are broken,
My eyes are tattered,
My soul is torn,
Open wounds are upon me,
Now i can no longer be,

Wings i have are now fixed,
Black shimmering crystals,
Shine as i disappear into the night,
Im gone by the first hint of light,

Its over dont worry
I will be back when its your time,
Then i will take you to the land of mine,
Where we all exist when we're dead,
And no tears may be shed!
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20 / F / above the core
Posted 6/19/08
Always alone

stand alone
At the end of the road
I stand alone
In my own mind

The flame of my life Flickers
I want it to burst
Surrounded by dreamers
But I can’t handle the first
I hope for the pain
The sorrow and shame

The piercing eyes
You turn from me
But I’m in disguise
You can’t stand me

This is what I covet
I seem to love it

You are my master
The only disaster
The darkness of night
Hear my plight

It brings life to me
Helps me through the darkness
You hold me
The perfect likeness
I wish for peace
But disaster is what you ace

The blood pumping in my veins
I slice the flesh
My feelings go down the drains
I want to finally rest

Is all I’ve got
You’ll leave me here to rot

I stand alone
In the dark
Posted 6/19/08
The Silence.
Harsher than words
Colder than winter
More Painful than Death
You Cannot Break Free

The Closed Doors
The Unseeen Violence
Tears of Sorrow and Anger

Life or Death?
Love or Hate?
Good or Bad?
For Better or For Worst?
The Silence.
Posted 6/19/08
Silence is like the sound of air

Silence brushes through your hair

Silence is not nothing

Listen to you heart pound

Listen to your breathing

Silence is the loudest sound you will never hear

Let go of your heaving

You will never hear silence

You will only feel it

Silence is the loudest sound you will never hear

Believe it.
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30 / F / Candy Island!!! :Dim
Posted 6/22/08

My Fingernails are painted black;

Black as pitch, and night.

Darkness blinds me,

And causes flowers to die.

My Fingernails are slightly chipped;

Chipped and slightly broken.

Imperfections show I'm human

While shovels and earth condone my will.

My Fingernails are slick with red,

The looking glass cries in pain.

Shattered Illusions make me doubt

The sincerity life will bring.

My Fingernails are wet with tears,

Tears of malice and desperation.

Paint will cover old wounds,

While Isopropyl kills new ones.

I drink the sea, that's black as day

In a glass of tears and milk.

And that glass lies in a hand,

White like sugar, and fingers like blood.

With Pitch for polish

On these broken and chipped nails.
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30 / F / Candy Island!!! :Dim
Posted 6/22/08
What is lost?
If it were here,
It would not be gone.
If it were were here,
Iit would not be lost.
Therefore, if its here
It is not lost.

It is not here,
So therefore is it lost?
Or was it even there in the first place?
If it was not there.
How can you lose something
You didnt even have in the first place?

If you didnt have it in the first place,
What made you think that you had it?
What could make you think you had it?
If you never had it,
It does not exist.

It if doest not exist,
Why do you question whether you've lost it or not?
Because if it doesn't exist,
If it cannot be lost.

So I ask you again,
What is lost?
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23 / F / Near You (standing)
Posted 7/4/08
Silence is…
By: Kyle Carruthers

Silence is an absence
Silence is profound
Silence is a conversation
Being had without sound
Silence is an expression
One that cannot be heard
Silence cannot be spoken
Although it is a word
Silence is a presence
Of great nothingness
Silence can be something
And yet cease to exist
Silence can fill a room
And have no mass at all
Silence cannot be dropped, yet it can fall
Silence is a mystery
That will forever go unsolved
Silence is how every sound can swiftly be dissolved
Silence is the sound of rest
The only sound that can sound best
While other sounds can cause great pain
Silence is not the sound to blame
For Silence is what silence is
Something that is nothing
Nothing that exists
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30 / F / Candy Island!!! :Dim
Posted 7/13/08

And then she shuddered against the wind
blowing leaves in her hair
as she smiled in sin
ivory flesh grazed her lips
as sealed her fate with a kiss of death
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24 / F / Hell(funfun~)
Posted 10/13/08
Here is my favorite poem i wrote:

Running through the night.
tripping over nightmares and
Blinded by tears, I run.
searching for peace in a
Mind of Chaos.
Running from sickening memories
of Shame and Regret.
Searching for Hope.
Posted 11/10/08
I am waiting
In this freezing cage
I don't know where
I am waiting for
For warmth?
Someone who will love me?
I don't know
The only thing I know
Is sadness
Will change in hatred
When time starts flowing
I will lose myself
But I don't care
I will hurt innocent
But I don't care
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