Can boobs heal the injured?
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22 / M / Hongdae
Posted 3/15/15 , edited 3/15/15
(world break: aria curse of a holy swordsman)

Anime boobs can heal your injuries now.

Naked cuddle time for effective treatment: 7-9 hours.

Warning: Possible Side effects include perverted nose bleeds

What do you take of this? A new leap in anime inventions? The harem anime's are consistently taking baby steps further and further into publicly broadcasted hentai, not that I'm complaining.

If I feign injury, would any of you ample breasted 18+ women care for me in this manner?
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Posted 3/15/15
I completely agree. Boobs already have many uses.

They're soft pillows for a weary head.
The sight of them revitalizes one's body.
They can be used as lethal weapons for bludgeoning or suffocation.
They can absorb shock from impacts.
They are capable of producing a highly nutritious food source.

Need I say more.
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Posted 3/15/15
Hey, hey...
Breasts have always been synonymous with the motherly aura, and the best cure for any psychological injury is a mother's love, so, breasts do in fact heal the injured.

-but that's taking it so much further...
Posted 3/15/15
well i thought this would be a thread from PeripheralVisionary.
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Posted 3/15/15
Absolutely! Maybe hospitals start realizing this amazing leap in the medical field! Rias heals Issei by sleeping next to him naked a few times in highschool DxD so i'd say it works!
Posted 3/15/15
Yes, but forget not the bootay.

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Posted 3/15/15
I know the image you pulled that from was from an anime on CR, but that is separate from what's acceptable on the forums, which remain PG-13. The opening post seems out of bounds in general in terms of off limits or encouraging off limits behavior, and so I've closed the thread.
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