Video about why I watch anime
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Posted 3/15/15 , edited 3/15/15
Hello hello everyone! I made this video and thought I should post it somewhere because 1 view is very sad :(
This video basically makes a joke about what someone (mostly me) would watch anime for. I tried my best to keep my voice non monotone but alas I failed lol. I'd really love any opinions about it. Preferably on how to make my voice more bright and etc. My goal is to transform my voice into the perfect bishie or ikemen (If i can ever lower my voice more ) and conquer the youtube world! muahahah! Well I'm half joking lol. I don't really plan on doing anything with my voice other than for fun.
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Posted 3/22/15
of course, the plot, why would i watch anime for any other reason pff

btw ur voice is awesome don't worry about it (っ˘ ⌣ ˘̩)っ
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Posted 1/3/17
Forum Clean up. Old 2015 threads Locked.
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