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What do you think of...
Posted 3/17/15
1.I don't judge
3.awkward but adorable
8.has braces
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Posted 3/17/15
dude why's her head so big in the first pic that's some anime-style disproportion there
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27 / M
Posted 3/17/15
This is why I don't watch TV, I don't keep up with any shows, I don't read any popular magazines (other than Nat Geo), I don't watch many movies, I don't keep up with any famous person.
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Posted 3/17/15
1. She looks really young to be wearing all that makeup, but she looks happy.
2. Gyaru girls are super cute to me. I love how they style their eyelashes and nails.
3. Considering that's a cheesy styled stock image, I wouldn't know how to judge her looks since it's kind of costumed.
4. She is pretty and has a natural beauty about her.
5. Looks like another girl looks like most other happy, healthy girls her age and race.
6. Don't like his hair, but his face is alright. He looks like the kind of guy to take risks and enjoy life.
7. It's hard to see all his features under all that hair, but I suppose he's alright looking, and enjoys being himself.
8. Another young, Bieber-esque kid who has a cute brace face.
9. Guys who wear glasses can earn an extra 50 points from me, if they look good in them. It makes them look clever, and wallflowery.
10. He looks like a nice, quiet smart dude lives in Europe.
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F / Boston-ish
Posted 8/15/15
Closed because OP nuked.
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