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Orange is the New Black on Netflix
Posted 5/26/15 , edited 5/27/15
hey y'all I want to get into this but I'm not sure if it's for me; might I ask, please, if there's any major content warnings? I mean like, Game of Thrones-worthy warnings. language/violence doesn't bother me. Just 'other' situations'. A little help, pretty please?
Posted 5/28/15 , edited 5/28/15
I heard the cast is pretty diverse & the characters are realistically written.
It sounds really good & worth trying out.
Posted 6/11/15 , edited 6/11/15
It's a great show, and everyone I know who have watched it, agrees with me - We are all looking forward for the third season!
Posted 6/11/15 , edited 6/12/15
It's finally here. Excuse me while I marathon the shit out of it.
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Posted 6/16/15 , edited 6/17/15
Stella, Stella, Stella, Stella. <3

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Posted 12/25/16 , edited 12/26/16
End of year forum cleanup. ^,^ Locked!
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