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Posted 3/18/15
Sunday morning on 03/15/15 I tried to access my account and to my surprise netiher could I access it, nor could I reset the password (the system did not have my email address on record)

My account is:

I contacted Support immediately and Starry Zhao got back to me that night asking for extra information which I promptly gave, I haven’t heard back from CR since then. it’s been 72 hours already and quite honestly this is terrible customer service, especially for a service I’m paying money for :-(, I sent another support ticket and still no answer, not even from the automated response client. Meanwhile someone has access to some very sensible information about my payment history, and to a service for which I paid a yearly subscription.

I have resorted to opening this account (with a different email) to get the message out there, since I’ m at my wits end, I don’t want to end my relation with this website, but this is leaving a sour taste in my mouth, and people should know that it could happen to anyone.
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Posted 3/18/15 , edited 3/18/15
I can find your log-in details shared on a leak board with a simple google search, so chances are high that either your PC is compromised or that you are running very low security regarding your passwords, e.g. using the same email/password combination across several sites.

Request your password now. Then change it to something complex.
Also change your password on any other site you used the same email/password combination for. Also run a virus scan to make sure it's not a local issue.
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Posted 3/18/15
Yeah, I figured as much and I ran security scans on all my PCs, turns out one of the laptops was compromised, thanks for the tip and the help
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