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Posted 3/19/15
Hello and thanks for reading my Season and Filler Guide on Naruto Shippuden.

I have marked every season with Spoiler Alert! quotes to prevent spoiling the story should you read into the thread, however! I have made sure to be VERY careful spoiling anything, even commenting on the seasons. Stuff like death, power milestones and in general dramatic plot points are not included, so it's very light on spoilers, if there even are any to begin with.

Each spoiler quote has been marked at the bottom with bold text for you to see which episodes are fillers, should you wish to skip them. If there are no bold text displaying what episodes are fillers, it is because there are none for that season at all should there be any doubt.

At the bottom of this thread I'll include a total of episodes and fillers.

Each and everyone of them are described by starting with how many episodes
there are in each season , followed up by a total of how many of said episodes are fillers.

Season 1 (32 Episodes, 0 fillers)

Season 2 (20 Episodes, 0 fillers)

Season 3 (18 Episodes, 15 fillers)

Season 4 (17 Episodes, 0 fillers)

Season 5 (24 Episodes, 23 fillers)

Season 6 (31 Episodes, 0 fillers)

Season 7 (8 Episodes, 8 fillers)

Season 8 (24 Episodes, 2 fillers)

Season 9 (21 Episodes, 17 fillers)

Season 10 (25 Episodes, 0 fillers)

Season 11 (21 Episodes, 18 fillers)

Season 12 (33 Episodes, 5 fillers)

Season 13 (14 Episodes, fillers ??/11)

Season 14 (6 Episodes, fillers 6)

Season 15 (25 Episodes, fillers 15)

Season 16 (16 Episodes, fillers 2)

Season 17 (??/ongoing 68 and counting may actually have yet to be divided into season, otherwise this is by far the biggest one yet by twice the amount and still going! fillers so far 15 AND counting)

Total amount
Episodes - 403

Out of those 403 episodes, these are fillers

Fillers - 137

Which gives us a total of 266 canonical episodes
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Posted 3/19/15 , edited 3/19/15
I'm putting this here, because it's just going to waste on the Anime forum, already making page 2 in the day I made it, and I added so much effort to this, so I figured I'd put it here where it seems fitting and I hope it can be put to use.
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Posted 4/15/15
just wow some nice effort gone into this for the new ones to Naruto nice job
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Posted 4/23/15
Wow, Amazing job, Bearbudah! This is really useful.
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