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Posted 3/19/15 , edited 3/19/15

A couple of days ago, I picked up an interesting manga from Books-a-Million called 'Ani-Imo', I liked the cover art but what caught my attention was the description on the back! Here it is:
''See? In this body, I can do whatever I like to ''my sister''. Youta has always had a soft spot for his twin sister, Hikaru. Soft spoken and docile, she's everything a doting big brother could hope for! But when a freak accident results in the siblings swapping bodies, Youta discovers that his 'innocent' little sister is anything but!

Now trapped in Hikaru's body, Youta becomes the object of his ''little sister's'' advances-advances she now has the testosterone fueled power to back up! Will Youta ever get his body back in this uproarious forbidden love comedy?''

I've read the first volume and I really like it so far! Though I understand if you're skeptical, the whole swapping bodies at this point is cliche, but I personally have never seen it with siblings and it's interesting, seeing as how a protective older brother is now in the body of the cute girl he was protecting! But read this spoiler if you dare, just in case you're freaked about them being siblings,

I love the interactions between these two, they're are just adorable and I can't wait to read more, I don't want to reveal too much just in case you haven't read it. I think there is also a volume 2 out but I haven't gotten it yet. No more has been released yet, according to Yen Press, volume 3 will be released May of this year and the 4th will be released August of this year also.

So my question is, would be interested in trying this based on the synopsis? Or have you already tried it?

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Posted 4/7/15
ive read it online and the other day when i was looking at yenpresses site i was kinda surprised they would pick this up but yea i do plan to pick these books up later this yr
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Posted 4/9/15
Read the first volume of Ani-Imo and I found it to be very interesting. It was funny and up to this point the story has been good. The art work was also nice. I really liked the doctor and Yurika. I'm very curious to see where it goes.
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Posted 1/3/17
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