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Posted 3/19/15
so i was wondering whats a epic manga that hasn't become a anime yet
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Posted 3/19/15 , edited 3/19/15

Ishidou Natsuo is a gifted girl who can achieve anything she wants in sports. Because of this she is permanently bored, as there aren’t any real challenges to her abilites to make her feel alive. One day she receives an invitation of a merry girl to join her martial arts club. Irritated by her happy expression, Natsuo decides to accept the invitation just as a pretext to beat her up, but she receives a shocking surprise.

It's female MMA. The lead is a nearly 6 ft tall muscular sadist with brother issues (as in she's scared of him).
Posted 3/19/15
Ajin: Demihuman

The story is about a student named Kei Nagai, who discovers he is an immortal "Ajin" when he is hit by a truck. He becomes a wanted person because the Ajins are considered criminals and the only person who is there to support him is his best friend, Kaito.
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Posted 3/19/15


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Posted 3/20/15
Not quite sure what you mean by "epic", but here are some very good manga that haven't become anime yet:

Angel Densetsu: (Comedy, Fighting, Romance, Shounen); Boy with the heart of an angel and the face of a demon goes to new school, and immediately gets involved with that school's delinquents.

Umi no Misaki (Romance, Harem, Drama, Seinen); Boy moves to mysterious island of his mother's birth, meets three beautiful girls, and is told about his ties to them, himself, and the island.

Taiyo no Ie: (Romance, Drama, Shoujo); Girl who feels abandoned by her own family moves in with orphaned childhood friend.

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Posted 1/21/17
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