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STARMYU Anticipation and Discussion
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Posted 12/21/15
And now, the episode is finally up.

Episode 12 (Finale)

Team Otori has suffered too many setbacks with the latest one taking their audience away with the council deciding that those performing outdoors are to perform in front of the teachers and student council. But true to their rebellious nature, they set up a makeshift stage in front of the school gate made possible thanks to Otori and Team Hiragi, and the performance is a resounding success. And then the boys ring in the new year having made the cut. That was really nice, and in particular the performance. These boys sure have been through a lot seeing that they have been going against tradition and drawing heavy ire from the Kao Council, but in the end they let their performance do all the talking.

Final Thoughts

Coming into this show my expectations were pretty low seeing that the appeal factor just isn't there, but I enjoyed this show much more than I was expecting. The story is pretty solid and while I feel that a good amount of development was forced, it did serve as an effective tool. The whole "traditions are meant to be broken" way of building Team Otori while facing pressure from the Kao Council sets the stage for a solid story. The music is great seeing that this show is all about musicals. While the story's concept is good, there were times where the show felt really dull, and most of that was in the beginning. That said, this show is not too bad and certainly it's something that can be great at times.

Grade: C+ (7/10)
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Posted 12/21/15
This show felt weird. There are occasionally some episodes I kinda liked and others that were just a chore to finish. The final two or so episodes felt rushed. Although compared to some of the others, I do have to say that their performance in the finale was decent.

The comedy is a big hit or miss for me.
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Posted 12/21/15
Episode 12

And so, it ends!

You know, it's really breaking my heart seeing all these Anime end, but onwards to the future and with it, new Anime! The episode was a nice wrap-up for the series with the final performance and whatnot. I enjoyed how the boys stepped up and went through with their performance and in the end, it was an enjoyable end. The ending of this series pretty much expresses my message to Anime with, "See you next year", so with that, it's been one heck of a ride with this one and if there are any plans for another season, then I would watch it. Why not!

Final Thoughts & Rating

You know what? This show wasn't a bad one at all, but at the same time, it wasn't what I expected either. If you have ever watched shows like Free! or any type of shows that may include Yaoi or BL, then you'll notice that the character designs for Starmyu looks very similar to those. You know, the whole "I'm a pretty boy who is handsome, tall, elegant, and badass." Despite that, the show was decent and I enjoyed it.

For story, I feel like it is very simple, as in, boys just wanting to dance for their own personal reasons or enjoyment. I feel Starmyu is at it's strongest story-wise when there is drama involving the characters and even that is more so on the characters than on the story. For characters, the show shines strongest when there is interaction with them. At first, some of the characters are downright annoying and some of them don't get fleshed out as much as they should, but it does focus on our 5 stars, which is Team Otori. We get to know these 5 characters well and see how their struggles with their own personal issues, drama from other characters, and well as dancing affects them, which I liked. The art was decent and good at it's best. There were a few derps, but it is very hard to animate dancing figures while keeping the art or key animation consistent, so props to the studio for that. As for animation, I am glad there wasn't any 3D CGI for the dancing; I always found it weird and cheap. I found that the animation shined the most when teams were dancing, which this show is about, so it was pretty good. For music, there were some tracks that I enjoyed, but most of them sounded like, well, dancing music, which worked for this series. In summary, Starmyu is a decent series that I enjoyed as a refresher, so if you like Dancing, Drama, Slice of Life, and Friendship elements, then this show is for you!

C+ (7.7/10)
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Posted 12/26/15
I really liked that Nayuki confessed his love to Hositani, but then was kind of let down when it was not touched on at all in the final episode. The Nayuki confession scene was probably the most memorable in the series to me. It was a fun show, I enjoyed it.
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Posted 1/26/17
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