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Posted 3/20/15
there are few thing worst than getting into a really great fanfic only to realize its never gonna get completed.

case in point, claws and kisses in sekirei. 95k, the best fanfic iv ever read, one of the best fictions ive ever read published or not. no update sinde 2011. damn.
only other username is on youtube, no update for a year.
GOD DAMN IT!!!!!!!

does any one else ever run into this?
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Posted 3/24/15 , edited 3/24/15
Certainly. Actually I run into this far too often and it's a damn shame authors either lose interest or they doubt themselves so much that their fic never gets completed.

In general I'm not a fan of how most authors post their fan fiction, writing one chapter, post it, write the next one, etc. Because that way there's a very high chance that sooner or later all interest in writing the fic will be lost. That's why when I write more than a one-shot, I treat it as a full project, on par with a big paper a student would make in school and then post the chapters when the entirety of it is done. That way also the pressure on the author to post the chapters disappears, it's quite liberating I think.

I wish more fan fiction authors would go that route so we would see more completed works, instead of being too hyped to get instant gratification after a couple of chapters. I know that feeling all too well, not being able to wait to put the fic out there in the world, but in the end I believe it's better to resist that urge.
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Posted 1/3/17
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