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Posted 3/20/15
Just finished "Love Theory" and found it to be great!

I have a roommate that reminds me a lot of the main character and could actually benefit from reading or maybe even using some of the "theories" that is mentioned in the manga.

Do you think implementing some of the "love theories" in real life could be beneficial?

What did women feel reading the manga?

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Posted 3/21/15 , edited 3/21/15
Never read it so im meaninglessly posting is it good?
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Posted 3/21/15
It's been awhile since I've read it; my recollection of the manga was that the advice ranged from the practical, to the silly, to the slightly misogynistic--about what you'd expect, given the premise of the manga (loser guy sees ghost who helps him woo a pretty girl). I do remember thinking that the manga basically had it's heart in the right place, and also I did like the ending quite a bit.
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Posted 3/21/15
Only read like 10 chapters of it so far, and I'm really liking how most(if not all) of the advice has at least a small amount of truth in it. Some of these things people do without even realizing it, like "must be tough".
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