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ᴀ ғᴇᴍᴀʟᴇ ᴠᴀᴍᴘɪʀᴇ ᴄᴏᴍᴇs ᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ ɢᴀᴛᴇs!

A female vampire along with her son her name is Rebecca White she is also known as Dylan Radcliff's Ex-fiancee she died before she haven't knew Dylan is already married and had a child of his own. But Rebecca been visiting with Lukas father known as Simon Ford when she was banished from the Vampire Community. She told her story to Simon if anyone tries to dig history of her. Simon did warn her about the new comers Chief Monohan and his family. Rebecca agreed to not interfer them. Also Simon did told her that Dylan is working with Chief Monohan so she watch for that too. Rebecca decided to greet her old friend Christian if he has anything about Dylan Radcliff. This takes place on episode 3.

ᴄʜᴀʀᴀᴄᴛᴇʀs / *oc / ᴄᴀsᴛ

Nick Monohan / Frank Grillo
Sarah Monohan / Marisol Nichols
Charlie Monohan / Travis Caldwell
Dana Monohan / McKaley Miller
Dylan Radcliff / Luke Mably
Claire Radcliff / Rhona Mitra
* Rebecca White / Nina Dobrev
* Percy White / Paul Wesley


Chapter One

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ᴀ ғᴇᴍᴀʟᴇ ᴠᴀᴍᴘɪʀᴇ ᴄᴏᴍᴇs ᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ ɢᴀᴛᴇs!
A Female Vampire Comes to live in the Gates

Rebecca White was married to Stefan Salvatore and had child of their own. But Stefan decided to divorce Rebecca she needs time anyway so her son and herself decided to go to the Gates to live there for peace before she leave Mystic Falls, Damon gave her a ring that keeps her alive from the sun. Her son and herself decided to live in the Gates until Percy decided he needs education so his mother can find a job. Rebecca was driving and she look behind her and saw thousands of blood bags thanks to the Mystic Falls for letting her to have them all. Stefan did loved Rebecca but he knows that Rebecca was engage into someone who is a vampire living in The Gates but currently married which breaks her heart.

"Mom I want to go to school." Percy said. "Of course sweetie. I will surely call the school to put you in. I don't want you to hang out with Succubus, Bad Witch, Vampires, and Werewolves. Like what happen last time." Rebecca said firmly as she caught a man eyes she just realize that was her fiancee more like ex-fiancee. The man was shocked to see her. As the movers quickly moved their stuff. Rebecca ignored him completely she has been told by the Mikaelson's siblings not to contract anymore vampires, werewolves, succubus, witches, and humans. "Oh and Percy. Uncle Niklaus is going to visit including Aunt Freya and Aunt Rebekah." Percy cheered happily. "I want to hang out with Uncle Kol though." He said as she sighed.
Dylan's POV
He was walking toward his front door step and saw the movers in front of him and the familiar woman it was Rebecca White. I was shocked to see my ex-fiancee with a child this child smelled like a vampire. I haven't seen Rebecca for a long time I wonder if I can invite her over for dinner. Until he heard, "Uncle Niklaus is going to visit..." Who is Niklaus? he started to feel jealously. I view her home its bigger mine. When he was staring at Rebecca's eye it has hatred, betrayal, distrust, and pain look in her eyes. Until Emily snapped his trance.

"Daddy who are you looking at?" Emily asked. Rebecca. He thought sadly. "Nothing dear let me drop you to school." I said.

Rebecca's POV
I can't believe he lives here. I still can't believe this shithole. Until I have all the vampires in my control no one can't stopped me. When all the boxes were arrange as Percy my son who is Dylan's child but I also told Stefan about him. Percy knew about his real father and decided to play along he can see his mother still hurt. I'm much stronger than werewolves, witches, succubus, and vampires. I started to throw her glass against the walls and started crying as her son look down at her and hugged her. "Don't cry mother. Uncle Klaus will fix it. I don't recall that man was my father since he was never taken care of me but father did took care of me with you and Stefan as my father thats all I want." Percy said sorrow and hatred tone.

Percy's POV
Why did mother decide to live here where she can see my biological father with another bitchen family and a human child. A human child! Those were the forbidden laws about adopting a FUCKEN HUMAN CHILD! I don't care if I swear but for now I will have to play dumb that those people are related to me. That human child of theres will pay for this. I miss father I knew he did that for mother to give some time. Since father is having trouble with his brother. But anyway, I cannot wait to go to school.
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CHAPTER TWO ~ Being Invited by New Neighbor & First Day of School

Percy and Rebecca woke up and drank their blood bag. Rebecca pours blood bag into Percy's thermos and including her thermos. Rebecca and Percy promised to Damon and Stefan not to feed on humans yet. Unknown to them Rebekah Mikaelson was watching her sister-in-law still healthy and glared at that human child with those two couples. My, my they broken the first law of having a human child as their own. Pity. I'm sure Klaus can give them some sense after all my siblings are much stronger than them. Rebekah thought. As for Rebecca can sense Rebekah near so did Percy. He dash out with his bags and books. "Aunt Rebekah your here!" Rebekah smiled and ruffles his head. "Come now I'll dropped you to school. Klaus is coming. I know your mother still loves that man who is your neighbor." She telepathy her nephew who nodded. "Stay low. Don't get let Chief Monohan get into your mother's history with that man who breaks her heart." Rebekah whispered quietly at Percy who nodded and as they got in the car. Percy gave her directions to his school.

"I'll wait for you here alright." Percy nodded as he walked inside the school of The Gates Academy. He can sniff a wolf coming to his way. "Excuse me but I'm lost. I'm Percy White new student." Percy said. "Nice to meet you. I'm Brett. I'll show you around and get your schedule. Your not from here are you?" Brett said. Percy just nodded. "No. Well my mother and I were from Mystic Falls." Brett heard of Mystic Falls its full with werewolves, witches, vampires, and humans. "Great to see a vampire around here. But I must warn you not to be friends with Charlie Monohan he is Chief Police's son." Brett warned him. "I understand. My mother did told me not be friends with humans since I don't trust them very well." Percy said. Brett went to the principal and got Percy's schedule what more shocking is that he has the same schedule as him except for football. Brett notice Percy is walking around the sun which was shocking cause the Radcliff can't walk around the sun. Until he notice the ring he is wearing. "I notice you are looking at my father's spare ring. This ring protects me from the son and I can regenerate whenever i get stabbed. My father's brother made this for me before my mother and I left Mystic Falls." Percy said sadly. Brett nodded as they went to classes together as he notice a vampire waiting for him.

Meanwhile with Rebecca's house Rebecca was watering the plants in her front porch and notice neighborhoods. She kept the ring on her fingers so she can walk around the sun whenever she is pleased. The Radcliff and Chief Wife Monohan decided to bring treats to the new neighbors of theirs. Rebecca sense a vampire and a human. One of the Radcliffe sense it they were intense. "Yo! Becky hows my little mentor." A man who sped and stand next to her. "Nice to see you again Klaus the Original Vampire." Rebecca said snicker and walked back inside. Sarah Monohan looked confused. Claire frozed she knew that originals vampires are highly dangerous. As for Dylan was still at work. I know that Dylan still loves Rebecca more than me after what her parents wanted her to be engage with and soon get married. Claire thought sadly. She can see through the window curtains that Rebecca was glaring at her dangerously. Claire knew that her family are in danger by the Originals and Rebecca and some other vampires that involves Rebecca. Claire needs to speak to Dylan about Rebecca. When she gave the treats to Klaus she glance at the window and notice here eyes were black it means anger and viciously hunger. Klaus sighed and put the food in the garbage out of the back. They don't each meals only blood thats all they want. "Klaus can you watch the house. I think Rebekah is going to pick up Percy and help him for hunting too. I'll be out for a while." Rebecca said as Klaus nodded. Rebecca got into her car and drive to where they ususally meet in the bar. Dylan is waiting inside for Rebecca but he notice she is with a boy who is Chief's son he bolted and follow where she is going. He lean against wall and started to peak. Why now? Rebecca. He thought as he heard Chief's son scream in pain and was dropped on the ground. "You know you should stop stalling me, Dylan." Rebecca her voice spoke and she was gone when he came out from hiding the wall and saw Chief's son has two wholes in his neck he decided to call Chief Nick.

"Nick I found your son but he was bitten by a vampire which wasn't me it was another vampire that is newcomer." Dylan said as saw Rebecca walking going to her car he dash inside and said but he was cutted off. "I don't trust humans so why bother adopting a small child who is a human don't you know that is #1 forbidden law for vampires. You just made the biggest mistake of your life. Get out!" Rebecca said darkly. Rebecca push Dylan out of her car and sped off leaving him on the street. Dylan sadden a bit he try talking to her but its no used.
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