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Posted 3/20/15 , edited 3/21/15

This is the Game Help forum. I will provide help columns in this thread for Animal Boyfriend. Basically, i'm taking the stuff off the help section in the game, and explaining it in easier, simpler terms below.

What is this game about? This game is where you get a student at your door one day, and you have to raise him to be a human. Make him study for EXP to level up, and make him work to get K (game currency) to buy him clothes in the store.

Explain me the icons! First off, you have the Mood Icons. Those are located at the top of your student, by his name. How do you determine his mood by this? Well, the pink smiley face one is when he is in a good mood, and his motivation is high. The orange unhappy face is when he is in a normal mood, his motivation is average. Finally, the blue dead face is when he is in a VERY bad mood, his motivation being low. You will also have an orange ZZ icon, which shows that he is resting. When you have a purple -_- face, it means your student is in his Animal State, rather then his Human State. Now, his Animal State is when he is very tired, so make sure to keep him well rested! Now, we have the Stamina icons. These icons are located in the bottom left corner under your Student. When you have the pink sparkly icon, it means he has full stamina and does not need rest (normally you would just put him to sleep when you go to sleep). Next, you have the orange eared icon, which shows that 24 hours has past since he last slept, and his Human State is ending; this means he NEEDS REST. When you get the blue eared icon, it means that 48 hours has passed since he last slept, and his stamina is depleted.. his stamina is gone, basically put. This will also mean his affection towards you is decreasing, as well as his mood. When you see either of the orange or blue eared icons, please, PLEASE PUT YOUR ANIMAL TO REST. When your student is resting, you will see a green icon with an arrow and a plus sign. This means his stamina is regenerating. Finally, we have the Affection icons. These are located to the left of the Stamina icon. First, you have the broken heart. This means your student is not attached to you; you have to talk a lot to raise his affection. Secondly, you will have the plain empty heart, showing that your student has a spark for you, but not fully liking you. Third, you have the filled heart icon, showing that he finally likes you. Forth, you have your heart icon with one tiny heart by it. This icon shows that he really super duper likes you. And lastly, you have your heart that is surrounded by tiny hearts. This shows that he Adore's you, and when his affection is this high up, you will start getting Level Up Events.

Attributes? Attributes are the things that lets you have types that can changes the way your student talks, giving them a personality. There are 10 attributes in total. You have a limit to how much attribute levels you can have, so be careful in how you raise your attributes. Oh, you can level up your subjects to receive the attributes by Studying, and the subjects have a certain limit of levels.

Types? Types are your Student's personality, the way he talks and acts. The attributes change what Types you can unlock. You can have up to two types per student, but you can unlock more than two. One of the two types will be your Main Type, which is your Students personality. Your sub type is the type that effects the way your student talks slightly, as were your main type is shown almost fully in his reactions and speech.

Requirements? Requirements for the Types are basically your Attributes. You need a certain level of Attributes to unlock a Type. Such as:
The Tsundere Type
Attributes Needed: Toughness 800+, Bashfulness 800+, Shyness 800+
The Toughness, Bashfulness, and Shyness are three of the 10 attributes that are included in the game.

Studying? You can study at any given time in the game, besides when your Student is sleeping. Studying raises your EXP and your attribute levels. You can make your student study for 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, and 3 hours. There are Special Subjects that are changed daily that give you more attribute points then the regular subjects. Of course, there is also a Cut Class subject that makes your EXP go down.

Working? Working lets you earn K, the game currency. With K, you can buy clothes for your student. Of course, you can also earn clothing in the Gacha's available. Working have specific time's it takes to finish. You have the special jobs that are based on either motivation or a type (yes, these are changed daily), and you have normal jobs that are 1 hour, 2 hours, or 3 hours long. Specially, there are only 3 normal jobs.

Motivation? Motivation is what raises your EXP while your student is studying or working. It will also affect how much attribute points you get, so make sure to Advice others while they are working or studying. But wait! Make sure you DO NOT Advice someone's student when they have 200 as their motivation level.

Affection and Mood? Your student's affection affects his reactions and contents of the conversations he has with you or other students. His mood affects his motivation, when studying or working. Affection and mood will go down or up based on if he gets tired, ends working or studying in Boost State, and/or your reactions in your conversations with him. So do be careful!

Talking? You can talk to your student only 10 times PER DAY. You can get items to re-fill that amount, and every full hour of work recovers 1 chance to talk with him. If you get to make a choice to do something with him, DO IT! If not, his mood and affection WILL DECREASE!

Resting? So, your student can only maintain his Human State for 48 hours with no rest. When he gets close to losing his Human State, his conversations may be changed into worried conversations. If you let him get over 48 hours without rest, he will lose his Human State, and enter his Tired State. His ears and tail will appear once he entered the Tired State. When he is in his Human State and is put to rest, he only needs 3 hours of rest. If put to rest while his ears and tail is out, he will need 6 hours of rest. So please, do let your student rest!

Advices? Advices are what raises the students Motivation while they are Studying or Working. Once a student has been Adviced by another student, he will enter a Boost Chance State, and if the Teacher, you, cheers him on during that time his motivation will rise significantly. When a student reaches the 200 mark for Motivation, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT ADVICE THE STUDEN ANYMORE! 200 as motivation is the maximum value! Also, if a student ends working or studying in the Boost Chance State, his affection and mood will go down (I don't worry much about this, since it doesn't go down very much.)

Recommending? Recommending something is what the student will wear. You may recommend certain items, or a whole outfit. Once a student has been recommened something, he cannot be recommended again until the next day. You get only 1 EXP per recommendation. You can also receive EXP for removing the recommendation.

Dressing up? Yes, you can dress up your student, he won't mind it one bit. Change his outfits based on your likes, or his Types. Sometimes, certain items will have a level requirement on it, so be sure to check the requirements before buying the item! (You can dress him up by clicking the Closet button next to the Status button!)

Changing hairstyles and eyes! Yes, you can change this as well. To purchase these items, make sure you have enough K. Secondly, tap the Style Shop, and click either the Face option or Hairstyle option. Select an item you fancy, choose the color, and CHECK THE REQUIREMENTS (if none, no requirements will be displayed)!!! Then, if you want, either press Buy item or Buy item and make him wear it. Yes, there is literally a button that says that.

Outfit Sets Feature? So, you can save a set or select a set you saved. Like, you change your students outfit, and REEEEEAAAALLLYYY like it, so you can save it in the Sets. Oh, and you only have 3 free slots, so you may have to replace other sets. You can also buy slots of course. Also, you can save recommendations you REALLY like, just so you can look at it one day and be like, "Ah, I remember when he was this cute/handsome!"

Socializing? This is when you can chat with other students. In my opinion, its not really very fun. Of course, you get EXP with that character, and you only say one thing to them. You get to view that character too, so its pretty cool. In order to socialize with another student, simply go to near the bottom and click on either the Friend's Link or Intro Link. You will meet students to socialize with!

JIN? So, JIN is another currency in the game, and is REEAAAAALLYYY hard to get. But the items are kinda worth it. Juuuuust so I can get this over with, you also have currency called G. G is a premium currency that you mainly have to earn from doing stuff outside the app, or buying it with REAL money. So, yeah.

Style Check? Here, you can see what a student is wearing. Simply click the Style Check button. If a student sees an item they like, they can click the item and purchase it if they want it. If they purchase it from finding it on your Style Check, you will receive JIN.

Self-Introduction Comments? In the Self Intro, you can type whatever you want. Like, in brackets you can put your comment (by the way, a bracket is this symbol: [ or ] ;D YOUR WELCOME!) and out of brackets you can put what your student says. Pretty fun and amusing!

Levels? So.. for your first student, i'm trying not to spoil things here, you can raise him to level 50 to obtain a second student. Your second student only needs to be a level 20 to get a third student, and your third student needs to only be a level 30 to get a forth student. You only get four students. And you can raise their levels as high as you can.

Gacha? So, a Gacha is like a slot machine. You get a First Play free, and you get an item everytime you play. Of course, you have Rare items and Normal items. You also have a GPT bar, which if you fill up, you have the chance of receiving a SUPER RARE item!!!

Before the maintenance Please... please remind yourself of the maintenance on somewhere you will find. PLEASE!! I always forget about it and end up regretting it terribly.. TT_TT So, before the maintence, you will DEFINITELY WANT TO PUT YOUR STUDENT TO SLEEP. It normally happens very late, and it takes about 5 hours to do. Its far east over here, so it happens as i'm about to go to sleep, as I log in to find the maintenance started and my student is awake. I wake up and end up having to put my student to sleep for awhile. WHICH IS WHY I TELL YOU TO BE CAREFUL AND REMIND YOURSELF.

Playing pleasantly So, this is a browser based game, and is based on your Wifi. So, apparently its bad to bookmark pages when you are in the shop, and don't hit the back button when you receive an Error message (T-Totally not guilty of it or anything..). Also, do NOT alter the URL. Please use the buttons given. It comes with punishments if you alter the URL. Don't smash the reload button guys.. try to be nice and wait for it to load, kay?

Beginner's Guide? So, the Beginner's Guide is a tour to help you get warmed up to the game. I HIGHLY recommend you do this guide. It does give awards, and makes you awesome at the game. Once you finish the guide, it will disappear, so treasure the time you have with it.

I want more students!!! Okay, I told you earlier, it is all based on your levels. Read the [Levels?] for more info.

Level up events and relationship with the student? Okay, I don't want to spoil this one. Level up Events are events that occur when you are Level 2, and any digit that ends with a 5 or 0. As for the relationship, if you want to know more about it, click the menu option, click Help, and scroll down the list until you see [Level up events and relationship with the student] and click on that. Shion will give you a detailed explanation on it.

Using items on other students? Yes, this is possible. Mainly, you only do it when your in your Beginners guide, or you are using it on your own student. If doing it to another student, simply click the Item button, click on an item, and use it on the student. SHABAM! You used an item on another student.

Graduation event? Go to the Menu button, click Help, scroll down the list and click [Graduation event?] and bam. Explanation from Shion.

Alumni socialization? I honestly don't understand this one.. go to Menu, Help, scroll and click [Alumni socialization] and explanation from Shion.

Adding to Favorites? So, you can add certain clothing items to your favorites. These items will NOT show up when you go to recycle items or sell items. Honestly, thats the only thing the Favorite button does.

Closet Sort Setting List? So, you have certain settings when you go to equip something in the closet. So per say, lets say you go to change his Clothes. So, you click on Change. Now, you see a bar ontop to change how you see it. You have Obtained: Old to New, Equipped: New to Old, Equipped: Old to New, Owned: Many to Few, Owned: Few to Many, Favorited, Not Favorited, Gacha Items, Sellable, Unsellable, and View Everything. It basically means what it is called. Obtained is when you obtained it, equipped is when you last equipped it, owned is how much of it you have, favorited/not favorited is if you favorited it or not, Gacha items are the items you won in the Gacha, Sellable/Unsellable are the items that can or cannot be sold, and View Everything is just seeing everything you have.

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