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Why did they remake HunterXHunter?
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Posted 3/21/15 , edited 3/21/15

Videogamefan1992 wrote:

I don't know but I'm sure glad they did. The old anime looks pretty dated. Unlike shows such as DBZ though, the animation just looks plain ugly in the first Hunter x Hunter series.

I actually think the animation in the original HxH looked great for its time. 2011's animation is definitely more detailed, but the 1999 version had a darker more menacing vibe to it. The 1999 HxH could have been mistaken for Seinen at first glance. There is no mistaking that 2011 is a shonen.

It's all a matter of preference, but considering how serious and dark HxH actually is, I prefer the darker mood.
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Posted 3/21/15 , edited 3/22/15
Money, my dear lady.
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